Splinterlands Is Partnering With EMP.Money

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This Partnership could be more significant than a lot of people think. The protocol has had over $20 million in liquidity, and $50 million TVL and is one of the largest ETH holders on the BNB network. The founder, @AJ | EMP | Impulse | Polypixels is a long-time Splinterlands player and is one of our Mavericks. As I have talked to him in the past, he is a pretty nice guy. They have a strong community and could become significant investors in Splinterlands. Also now we can look into another project that can give us profits that would be fun because we can buy back into Splinterlands Assets.

If you want to join EMP Money using this link will support me.

If you want to watch the AMA with the team here is the youtube

EMP.Money Discord

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I don't do this often but I had one more vote left

I think this is fantastic news and is just further evidence of Splinterlands taking the next steps.

On projects like this, always invest what you can afford to lose..