Finally scored a big boy Djinn O'Shannus in a reward chest.

in #splintertalk9 months ago


After many losses to this big boy, and thinking all hope was lost, the Splinterlands gods blessed me with a pull. There was a glow, a shake, and this gentleman appeared. Would have been sweet if it was a Gold Foil (is that even possible in a reward chest?).

At the current time, and situation in the market, the average price for this card seems to be around $9 to $15.


Lowest price seems to be about $8.50.

It has a collection power of 500. Hes already being rented out since im on a break from battles.


Here is some lore, they kept it little short on this one.


Hmmm, hes bound by the planet to protect the 6th mana gate.

His stats are pretty cool. High mana cost, but high health, and that magic resistence.


And wow, what a sea of red in the crypto (and stock) world.

Since ive been interested much in SPS action, heres an update on how it looks on my chart.


Yup, just getting crushed. Down to about .16 cents even at time of this post. Usually always gets worse than you'd expect. Might even see .10 at this rate.

Cheers to all, have a good weekend!


Pulled this lad myself in the season end. He's handy!. I throw him up as a tank sometimes.

Nice man, hes definitely tanky, a useful card for sure.


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Great luck, I added SPS and Hive twice last night, hoping to usher in spring as soon as possible.

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It might be stack season, or the ship sinks lol, im with ya though


Lol that's a nice pull bro! congrats on Djinn 😃


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But it takes me a while.

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Djinn Oshannus is a real beast/destroyer. It is effective against armored enemies, while it is also well protected against magic attackers by its Void ability (it takes reduced damage from magic attacks).

Would have been sweet if it was a Gold Foil (is that even possible in a reward chest?).

Yes. Rarely, but I receive/received a few gold foil cards, even from the daily quest reward chests, and also from the season end reward chests.

I really like Djinn Oshanus, especially for Battles with the Keep Your Distance or Armored Up Rule. I usually pair it with Venari Wavesmith to make it more resistant against Melee and Ranged Attacks, as it already has the Void Ability that reduces incoming Magic Damage by 33% to 50%.

I did receive Gold Foil Cards from Daily (and Season) Rewards Chests, but all of them are Common Rarity Cards.

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Nice dude! He's such an awesome card!

great cards

Thank you dear. Keep rockin.

Congratulations on the Djinn Oshannus! He's an awesome magic monster

He is definitely a powerful card, good luck to all of us to get some good cards, and to rock through these low prices.


Yeah I can't wait for the general sale to come out! It's going to be awesome to scoop up all those cheap cards

Congrats for your reward! I was wishing a lot to open him once from a chest, but the time have not yet come.
I was not checkin lately the price of it, but it kinda shocked me to see within your post, i bought him for 40$ last year.

Dam man, yeah, we are riding the wave of price action. Lot of us feeling the pain for now.


Wow greay legendary cards!

Keep rockin.
Have a !PIZZA

Oh yeah!


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He wanted to take up residence.

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 9 months ago 

This card is pretty op!
The best reward card in my opinion!

Definitely man! Chwala is pretty sweet too.


 9 months ago 

Good that you remind me to rent that card, because I will play guild brawl soon :D

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Wow nice legendary from the reward chest!!! Only beaten this card once in all my months of playing. Lol!

He sure is a bit of a tyrant, im about to play some battles to try out in a moment. Rock on.

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