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RE: Sittin at the dealership. Knocking out some battles.

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Hi bro :)
Hive will come back up in the future but this is a good time to convert my liquid HBDs to HIVE.
Chaos Dragon is a card I like and I want to take it to at least level 2 because it gains the blast ability and in battles with lots of mana it's a great card to deploy.
I did not know Avenged Sevenfold and as soon as I have a moment I will listen to have me curious.
For Rising Star the ego is too high and you'd better buy tool cards to get more skill points from music lessons.
I wrote a post in the past about the Ego that I hope will be useful ;)

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Why did the coffee go to the police?
Because it was mugged.

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I appreciate that liberty. Good words, good tips, youre a boss.


Its funny, i got used to having it too high. I allocate staking rewards to other things but i do plan on grabbing a couple packs soon. Im gonna try my hardest to do a few music lessons back to back.

Avenged has a lot of good songs, i hope you enjoy, if not quite your taste dont worry. Their older stuff is more heavy, but from the nightmare album, or hail to the king album is awesome.

Cheers, thanks, and see ya on the next posts.


Why was the resistor fired from his job of leading the orchestra?
He was a terrible conductor.

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