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RE: Sittin at the dealership. Knocking out some battles.

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No doubt Hive is holding quite well against the bloodbath, I started playing Rising Star yesterday but still have to learn, not sure what am doing for now πŸ˜ƒ

Thaddius in GF is awesome!

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Thats cool Joe, i think its a nice compliment to our stacking of coins. Its all based on the fans you have, which are based on cards. If you have the tokens available, or to save up, might be worth to buy a couple packs. I feel like, if you put some money into the game, and just grind some missions, it will eventually pay itself off and make starbits to trade into hive. I may have purchased like 5 packs so far, using rewards from other staked coins. Little at a time. Unless it doesnt suit you, but its worth a try. It didnt make sense to me at first either. Learned little at a time.


Thanks breaking it down and sharing your experience I've noticed I will have to put in some funds to buy packs. Will see how I go around that

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