Tapping back into Gold I, while SPS gives us some relief, after 2 months of beatings.

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After receiving such a beating, upon my own decisions to invest in such an asset, it is nice to see some upwards momentum, even if just for a moment. It has been a steady decline and many selloffs at key levels the past couple months.

Seems to make sense in retrospect as usual. It was a very nice rally up, for those whom were in SPS early. After reaching just over a dollar, with chaos legion cards coming into the mix, and with overheated markets selling off, price has hit a recent "bottom" of $.10 cents.

Some sideways action, a curl up, and a recent high of about $.14 cents. Not a bad move at all, but still quite low compared to the amount of time that was spent above $.20 cents.

The 1st chart above is a Daily candle (1 candle represents 1 day of price action), and using my usual tradingview chart, with RSI, Stoch RSI, and a MACD to help with some technical insight.


The weekly candle is an interesting sight. With limited history, there is not that much data to represent, but it does seem to show just how beat up this small cap asset is relatively speaking.

Seems to be some excitement about the relief rally, but will it last. Can we see $.10 cents again....possibly. I sit and wait.

Like a duck in camouflage.
A branch in the forest.

A frog in the pond, waiting for a moment to leap.
The duck is a shadow.

We must be the tarantula on the leaf.
The beetle, from the bog.

But enough poetry.



  • Back in gold I, trying to swim with the fish. Tough season, but the few good cards i got recently help.


  • This portal spinner is new to my collection. Im new to the random attack ability, but seems could be useful, in some situations.

  • If youre here, chillin....i say cheers. I look forward to going and catching up on your posts now.



Indeed a nice green candle for SPS! Looking good for now!

Keep rockin Relf. I love that snorlax and pikachu in your picture.
Good candle for sure, its still holding for now.


There is a autopsy convention starts this week.
Friday is open Mike night.

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SPS over time should recover to a more sustaining price that will keep us smiling, perhaps after the Airdrop ends.

I didn't know you've got some poetry skills up your sleeve that might work in Splinter Lore 🙂

Portal Spinner is a good one, used it a few times already and having a golf foil of it is great!

Joe Bro. Keep rockin.

Give me your guitar, lol!!!

Thief. Haha. 😂


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Why should you never brush your teeth with your left hand?
A toothbrush works much better.

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Hahahha you bet!

You da man Bull. It really is a beast of a guitar. I have held onto it for 5 years now, but need the motivation to play more. Attention split between many things. You know how it is im sure, lots to do, not enough time.


Haha exactly! Tried piano the first three weeks of the year but I do not have the time lol!

Cool, stick to it - it is a beast!


Why did the art thief's vehicle run out of fuel?
He had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh

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Some !PIZZA back at ya Brian.

How I wish #sps will go back at all time high!

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Oh man, me too brother. Lets keep building up little at a time.


SPS wont settle properly until the airdrop is over.
We are all waiting on land to come which will soak up a huge amount of cards and sps to produce assets. That's when the price will rise again.

I would say that this is from the recent town hall where the announce two bog partnerships with waka flame and imagine dragons.

Got people a little excited.

No shit man. I saw something about waka, thats interesting. Im kind of a lifer anyways. I averaged down price, enjoy the game still. Like collecting rewards daily and compounding. Bout to go visit your page and catch up on your posts. Keep rockin bro.

Wonder did the increase in the SPS price have anything to do with the roadmap they published. Once land comes into play quackman , you will be a millionaire.

Haha, Dam Blanchy. Sucks cuz i have had some good opportunities pass, havent we all. Immense success on some coins, some lucky people out there. I at one point in 2018 had like 2 mill dogecoin. Little did i know to just hold onto it. Got rid of it long time ago, but that was a ticket to 1 mill during last years rally, elon pump.

The slow grind is safer. SPS wont make a mill for me unless it goes to over 10 bucks a token, highly unlikely i would think. Although going back to. 50 cents would be quite a nice target.

Cheers Blanch, thanks for your support. !LUV

Have a !PIZZA

What do you call a house made of feathers?
A lite house.

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Keep rockin SteemMan.


Why are ducks good at playing limbo?
Because they can get down.

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I am one of the guy who believes that SPS is grossly undervalued.

PS: I see your voting mana is less than 25%, give it rest and let it recover to more then 90% before you resume voting.
Voting with 25% mana is putting serious dent on your curation rewards.


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