Slamming the daily chest. Got 1 chaos pack. Inside the pack, Lira waits like a seductive lady.

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My body is at work, my mind is in the infinite space that lies beyond. My face amidst a sea of masks. Masks designed, to help people breathe at night when their body fails them.

I have failed too, but i have been brought to Hive, and planning my redemption. Which brings me to a curious topic.


  • Good people and making friends from any part of the world.

  • Financial gain, the ability to monetize our thoughts and ideas.

  • Cool games like Splinterlands and Rising Star. There are other games i have yet to check out, but these are my main games now. I used to play a lot of clash of clans, but not much anymore.

  • I came across Steem in 2017, but had no idea how things worked. Crypto is the wild west, and at that time it was all very new to me. I learned slowly, but interesting that i never wanted to post. I have only recently become motivated enough to post, through the good graces of some friends that i have come across here.

  • Hive has taught me patience. I like collecting small rewards daily. The trading world is very risky, and what worth is it all anyways. In the grand scheme we are all just trying to survive. To live comfortably.

  • So i must continue the career path i have been on, and i must be thankful, even though i am worn out like an old rug.


  • 10 hours prior to this post, I completed my daily challenge and received 7 chests, since im already back in Gold II.


  • a Uraeus and a Gargoya Devil


  • a Chaos Booster pack, and Gargoya Lion


  • and a Naga Assassin. Think i had a couole potions or DEC in between.


  • The Chaos pack reveals...




  • a Lira the Dark which is a nice pull. Cool card, i already have 1 so i will combine.

  • a Goblin, and the Regal, ill take it.


  • Ill drink a coffee in your honor.



Nice Chaos Legion Pack, Goblin Psychic and Lira are good cards!

Heck yeah, thanks for stopping by, keep rockin.

grats bro!! I just got home from a beach vacation. woot woot! back to the grind!

There ya go, i hope was a good trip. Grind, grind is right.



Cool games like Splinterlands and Rising Star.
Kindness from some friends I met here at HIVE.
Have a great day.

Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?
Because he always has a great fall!

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I managed to get into silver lll. Now I get some Dec each win. But I not buy a chaos pack for a while. At one time I was obsessed with getting at least one a day. Now I get one every other week. Your legendary is good, congratulations !

Nb: I sent you a pizza and beer, if not received the beer I do have enough staked and owned.


Yo i appreciate that man. It is definitely rough out here. I have not bought many packs as well. Gets expensive, i hear you. Good to take a break. Lets get what we can get and chill.


My pizza bot is acting weird, maybe i don't have enough staked anymore or notifications changed, idk. My lol bot is dry, but ill keep an eye out so i can get you back, thanks again, keep rockin.

Good luck, bro.

What do you call a religious ceremony with one person?
Single service.

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Thanks Brian, always appreciate your support. Nice to see the lol token is doing well. Im all out for the day. Make a post so we can upvote and leave some tip bots, up to you my friend.


Lira the Dark is a very good pull!! Well done,!


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Wow that's a ton of cards from the chests including the pack!

Hive has taught me patience. I like collecting small rewards daily.

Totally agree with this! There is a sense of achievement seeing progress every day and week. :)