Have a Slithering Sunday.

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  • Today i completed my daily quest, for water splinter, and got a Ureus as well as a chaos pack.


  • but the Chaos pack only revealed only a Time Mage.


  • from a place called Do it rite Donuts. Its about to be some good stuff.





  • watching some nature stuff.
  • An avocado, scrambled egg, breakfast sandwich.
  • a 3 piece chicken and bbq sauce, with a bread
  • 3 donuts.
  • Captainquacks savage meal




  • Still at level 41. Doin a mission, hoping for a pizza

  • trying to complete some radio studio station missions so i can move on to the next challenges

  • balancing doing missions and music lessons is still tough, gonna try to be a beast like @naythan, get that ego down

  • and by the time ive written this far, the avocado egg sandwich is already gone, feels like im still hungry



  • most assets saw a rebound, but this weekend everything has kind of sold off a bit. Sideways seems due after so much rallying in the past year.

  • hopefully hive and splinterlands will build a nice base in price over next couple years.

  • im about to crack into these chicken tenders



Well, I stopped looking at the chart LOL!! 😏😄😏😄

Youre a beast Mizuo, i appreciate you. Yeah, those dips in the market are wild. Seems to have come up a little.


Yeah, you are right. The market has been pretty rough this year already....well, so I've just started play Hive metaverse game like Hashkings to escape from the reality LOL. Gaming helps me forget the reality how much I lost in the market LOLOLOL! 😂
🥦 !LOL 🥦

Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft...
And I'll show you A-flat minor.

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I really want to buy one of those grocery checkout dividers
But the lady behind the counter keeps putting it back.

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A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class.
It was a weapon of math disruption.

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You da Man, SteemMan. Thanks sir, you too.


My dog chewed a hole in my shirt
We have the same taste in clothes.

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Nice epic! And nice summary too; I just started getting back into Rising Star last week and hope to crank some levels out this year. That food sounds good too

Heck yeah, a madlad meal was already smashed, didnt take long. Just sucks that its a 22 dollar meal, on doordash, final price.

Rising is a decent little grind game. I don't mind it, but buying a few packs did help. Think i bought like 6 total so far, mostly trying to use staking rewards from other things.

Thanks for stopping by Sage!


Congrats! Epic + Pack! That's a good amount of CP!

Definitely Relf. Let the luck come to you next. Keep rockin.


Congratulations vro. Epic card is the most best.

Quite a reward, congratulations.

Doctors tell us there are over seven million people who are overweight.
Of course, those are only round figures.

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Keep rockin Brian! Thanks sir.


What is Victorias Secret?
High prices.

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Avocados does it for me any time! I'd love your meal. Uraeus has gradually become a favorite of mine!

Great. Wow do you play the guitar? And can I have your discord username

I play, but i wish i had more time to do so. Work takes a lot of my time, and my brain is in crypto land otherwise. In discord i am Captain Quack if you would like to invite me to something you are involved in.

You are a musical beast, as far as i can tell. Keep rockin buddy.

Will send you an invite on discord. Wanna get to know some things

Actually am still learning 🤣😃

Woww you got EPIC card big congratulations vro. Cheer

You da man, lets be more epic than the Ureus. May it be an epic week for us.

need to get myself some chicken later 🐤

I demolished that meal in no time. Keep rockin. Chicken is goood.

Looks like a nice meal.

Thank you friend. Keep rockin. Ill give you a follow too.

You are welcome my friend. Let us support each other.


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