Clappin on the cheeks of Diamond III, after a battle binge, and 1st "record a demo" in Rising Star.

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Its been a battle to climb the ranks, and a battle after battle saga, at the ducks pond. Just cracking, and clapping on 2800, to get me into the next advancement. I have since got beaten back down, but i need a break. My percentage is so low, most would laugh. Its pure madness, to have accumulated enough cards to get to this point, but i am prepping to practice some control and not spend for a while. My card army is formidable, now i must just chill.



  • i completed my 1st record a demo mission

  • did some music lessons since last post

  • up to level 43


  • got a pizza, energy recharge so doing the Saturday headline mission to get some starbits while i go to sleep for a while.

  • got my ego down to 36% at the moment, down from about 40% few days ago.

  • soon ill buy a pack of cards for rising star



  • beautiful buying stepped into markets, the weekly candle in HIVE showing that wick going down, but price has since rebounded a bit since the lows a few days ago.


  • in SPS, price has been in a bit of range. Maybe some consolidation. Some hype for the WAKA card, but looks like the price of Vouchers has got hit pretty hard after the waka getting sold out

  • amount of staked SPS just continues to rise, interesting statistic i think

  • time for me to prepare for work, to continue being a Duck machine. To grind. To pay debts. To rock with the Hive family.



Well done, in advancing to Diamond league quite impressive. I am miles off that league for now.

Keep grinding your way up buddy!

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Yeah Joe, theres heat and leveled players that destroy me. A good win streak adds up, when you get some easy wins.

Lets keep rockin, you right.


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To rock with the Hive family.
Have a great day.

100% Steem bro.


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Have you heard the one about the jump rope?
Never mind, skip it.

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amount of staked SPS just continues to rise, interesting statistic i think

I keep staking all of my SPS. Hopefully its value will rise after the end of the airdrop. Probably many other people hope the same. We will see.

Good luck and have fun.

Dam man, yeah, im staking every little bit right with you. Its a post mission for us. Tough to keep creative sometimes, but keep it going bro. We need to stack up to build a nice foundation.

Cool to see price of !LOL is up.


@captainquack22(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

I can see the future
But it takes me a while.

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Congrats for having reached Diamond 💎 @captainquack22! You'll get back there soon.

Thanks TT. Day at a time my friend. We building like builders.


Woohoo! Hope you will get some decent rewards for Diamond League! Am alternating between Silver 1 and Gold 3 at the moment! All the best - rocking with the Hive family indeed!

You da man Relf. Its rough out here. Best wishes, keep up the grinding, need to make it a good year of stackin up.


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wow congratulations! The maximum I've achieved so far was 2500 rating, I still dream of reaching this league!

My max rating was 2823 so far, but I have not played Splinterlands since 2022.02.06. I think that it is not worth it nowadays. The rewards are shit. Mostly alchemy and legendary potion charges, which are worthless. Nowadays cards rewards are very rare. It was so much better in the past. Especially in 2019. I started playing Splinterlands on 2018.12.30.

Hopefully Splinterlands will give proper rewards again soon. Otherwise probably more people will stop playing. It is not worth it to struggle hours for alchemy and legendary potion charges.

Good luck and have fun.


I started playing in September of last year. I got a good phase of rewards during the time and it's really not being profitable now, but I really like to play and the fun is a determining factor for me to stay here. I still look for better cards and manage to evolve in the game despite everything!

The competition is definitely fierce and the landscape has changed. You have both been playing longer than me, i just started this past october. Either way, play or not, we gonna keep rockin and relaxin as much as we can.

Thanks for both your comments.

Good man Quack my friend. I always knew you were a diamond. I'm a diamond in the rough at the moment still in silver but I shall be good by season end.

Its crazy Blanch, ive gotten my duck behind kicked back down to size anyway. Back down to like 2400 at the moment. Oh well. Keep on truckin.

We are multi faceted, many angles and complexity to the minds of us men. Getting philosophical here. Enough from my beak. Chug chug.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 your a gas man quack.

Wuhuu, grats mate!!!

Thanks bull. Ive got beaten back down to size. A short lived ride to the top and back down lol.


Congratulations on Diamond 3! I have the same goal and I'm at 2500 rating right now with an earth quest today...just thinking about it, I already know it's gonna be painful 🤣

Definitely fierce competition, i just suffered a long streak of losses lol. Last day of season, everyones out swinging.

You still on diamond 3 😱😱


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