Chillin with Mr and Mrs Wolf, ripped a couple packs in Rising Star in honor of you buskin beasts, and Battles.

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Rising to the occasion to spend a few hive on some packs to increase stats since i have been enjoying the game. Those starbits really seem to add up with some missions, and having higher stats to get into the better missions appears to be an opportunity.

  • Buying 4 packs


  • Using Beeswap to convert some swap.hive to Hive



  • got a Star Child, pretty cool, just a rare, nice green art. Couple commons. (Sorry for weird pic, keychain browser displays weird, cant move)


  • Frederico, mysterious lol. His quote is awesome. "You can call him Fred, thats all right he said". Hes is just a rare, and got 2 commons.


  • a Hetty, as my 3rd rare card, already have 1, pretty cool though.


  • in this pack i got 2 rares. A Rosetta, and a Mr. and Mrs. Wolf. Kinda cool, no legendarys though. Better luck next time.

  • Heres a better look of the Wolf Couple lol



  • Had this cool match, with Uriel the Purifier, and Summoner Chanseus the Great. An interesting combo. Replay is acting little weird though.



some nice one there quackman. That stoner tambourinist could join my band anyday

You should try to join our guild brawls to receive #merits and buy some gladiator packs! Have spot left there!

Man, i appreciate the invite. Maybe i should but im just a lone wolf, feel like i might not be able to keep up with timelines because i work. I will definitely keep it in mind though. Keep rockin like a beast.

Couldn't watch the replay, you got me keen on seeing the battle.

Thanks Joe. Yeah, it got glitched or something. During the resurrection ability, it kinda acts up i have noticed. Thanks for trying. Uriel is pretty cool. Does 9 damage, but every other round, a monster.

I hope youre enjoying your weekend. Gonna go check on your posts.


The punch line comes first.
The worst thing about time travel jokes is…

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Great. I just bought some packs down for a while now and am yet to even start the game I just know one day I will understand better the way the game goes

I think its a cool game. A few packs should pay for themselves after some missions. Keep rockin.

Yes sure one day sha I will get it more

Keep rockin my friend!


Thank you friend. Hope you are good

Go #Splinterlands 😉👍
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Cartoonist found dead in home.
Details are sketchy.

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You da man, SteemMan...


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