Chillin like a Chaos Duck on a fine, frigid day at the pond of life.

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For the 1st time in completing the Saturday Headline in Rising Star. A shoutout to @naythan, whom gave me some tips about keeping Ego in check, by doing some music lessons. Im becoming more of a musical professional in the digital world than i am in real life, its time i practice some guitar, but its tough to make the time to pick it up and practice.

Heres a pic i took just last month with my lovely guitar.


I have another pack of chaos legion that i want to send to @xplosive in hopes that he may get a decent card. A cheers to him as well because when i first met him about 4 months ago, he felt that he wasnt gaining much momentum with posts. Since, he has kept up the posting, picked up some steam, and im glad that i can help him out too.

Its a small gift, but he has also inspired me to try and post a bit. I have never been a good poster, but i believe its because i grew up right at the beginning of social media, and i never fully embraced it.


So i once again tap the transfer button, and send 1 pack away, in hopes he gets a good pull.


You are more skilled in practice.

Keep rockin naythan, im reminded to go do a music lesson


Chilling is one of those very good anti-stress things to do @captainquack22 even as a Chaos Duck. Enjoy.

Youre a boss Angie. Im chillin, but i have to hustle like theres no tomorrow. Tricky situation, but its not easy out here for anyone. Keep rockin!

Keep rockin.
Have a !PIZZA

You know how we gotta do SteemBoss.


Did you hear about the Irish guy who was assassinated at the antique store?
It was a knick knack paddy whack.

Credit: playbyhive
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What do you call an elepant who is the head of an Italian gang?
A masta-Don.

Credit: deanlogic
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I have another pack of chaos legion that i want to send to @xplosive in hopes that he may get a decent card.


Thank you so much for another Chaos Legion card pack gift. I opened the card pack, and this time it is a little bit better than the previous Chaos Legion card pack: Opening another Chaos Legion card pack gift from @captainquack22 (2022.01.12).

There are still no epic, nor legendary cards, but this card pack is still somewhat better than the previous card pack.

I am very grateful and very happy for both of these card packs. Thank you so much again. Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Thats awesome man. Im a crazy man, because i bought a lot of sps, like i said before on debt though. Cant help myself sometimes. I figure the apr percentage was better than what it is on credit, and i wanted to build up a good stake.

As a result im still getting a couple vouchers a day, so i sell them, and buy packs off of engine. You will get a 3rd one soon man, hopefully the 3rd time is a charm.

Ill go check out your post now.


Wow that's a nice gesture! All the best in the upcoming end of season rewards!

Cheers Relf, goodluck, and thanks.



Does refusing to go to the gym
count as resistance training?

Credit: marshmellowman
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