Cheers to your season end rewards, and hitting my personal best rank in Splinterlands.

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Its that time again and we are on the edge of our seats hoping for some good rewards for season end. There was a couple hour long maintenance session, but right after it was done i got to some battles. I topped at just past 2600, before getting beaten back down. Thats a pretty monster reward for that battle too!

Because i dont have the 200k collection power, im stuck in gold II, and not III (3rd tier). Thats ok though.

An update on SPS, and man, just getting crushed. Guess i shouldve waited to buy, since its taken another leg down. Low as .14, settling just above .15 for now.


Ive recently just tried my luck at playing some options in the traditional market, and just got wrecked. So im back to my original plan, which is to play it slow. Grind out some posts, enjoy staking rewards and gaining a little at a time.

Blessings to all, good luck, and lets be bosses.



I've always wish I know how to play a guitar and never even make an attempt how silly of me is that!

Back at Splinterlands, yes no doubt its that time when we look forward to the rewards and back at grinding our way up the league.

Enjoy the new season bro

Thanks for your good words Joe, i appreciate you stopping by. Let the !PIZZA fall from the skies!

Guitar is fun, takes dedication though, definitely not so easy.

Thanks for the pizza 😃

How bout a !LOLZ too, i like the tip bots. Good way to keep giving more.

Lol, you cracked me up on this one

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Stuck in Silver II myself after selling my maxed out cards in 2019 so I know what its like to be the champion that has fell on hard monster times and is now getting back to the top. The days of having a maxed out Spirit of the Forest. Gold II is alot closer. 25 dec is a nice reward as well. SPS will be back next year. at least you have the high APR ROI to be in early.

Good words my BlanchBro. I have that turtles idea in my head still. I been feeling little down after bad luck on some market moves. Must keep moving though. You right, we must keep moving. You been on splinter for a while. Yeah, SPS is complicated, if stays low for a while and makes a run later this year, im cool with it.


You need a little pep up. Have a hive basic income share

Hold on what. I need to figure out what this is my bro.

So the jist of it that you sponsor someone a share. And hive basic income will then upvote your posts. If I sponsor you one then I get one in return so we both do well. Its an excellent initiative
Its been around a while. When you see sbi upvoting your posts you will know why. If you go to other services in peakd it will show you how many sbi shares you have . It's one of the reasons I have nice upvotes per post.

Ohhhh, gotchu blanchbro. I appreciate that man. Another trick up Hives' sleeve. Makes sense, im learning more as we go on, about things like that. Ive really only recently tried posting with the big doggs, ive always been a little reluctant tbh. Its been a good vibe around here though, ever since i was on steem 4 years ago. I feel like theres always people posting stuff, so just keeps on going. Hive chart actually better chart than a lot of shitcoins too.

Yeah the ecosystem is huge so its more stable plus you have all the play to earn games as well. I like your posts. Keeping an eye on SPS as a result of them.

I was on Splinter when it first started and had all the betas at high levels but a crypto coin called Chiliz came along and i sold all my cards to get in early at 2 cent. I managed to snag 200000 of the coins so it was a good trade in the end. Im not that pissed that i might have made more from the cards i had now but anyway . You win some, you lose some. I stopped trading now and just investing in liquidity pools. Thats where the money is now. I always seem to lose in trading as i never have the inside track. Sps will be back. Once land starts coming into place you will be loaded i tells ya .

Dam bro, thats nuts, you were there early. Ive heard of Chilliz, never owned though. A sports type of token if i remember correctly. Saw it pop up as a new coin on coinbase.

Wise words though. The slower steady route seems better. Everytime i try to trade the market i get shit on lately. Had better luck last year, but long story. I have to move forward, build up. Try to become a quarter of the beast some are around here.

The game is still just that too, just a game. If youre cool taking a step back, and you have a good nest egg, screw it.

Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions?
I do.

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Glad we had the same idea, had fun with splinterlands and waited for the days when cryptocurrencies went up.

What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws?
Outlaws are wanted.

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Yeah man, we are chillin. If its months from now and it pops later, fine with me lol. We can just keep staking.


Congrats on your personal best rank! 👍

Rock on!


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