Binging battles while the world keeps rollin like a pool ball in the infinite space.

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Here i am, on the road again. Back to reality after a couple days off work. This card sums it up, im just a life sapper.



  • I have played many, many battles these past few days. Bought some packs again and picking up just a few new cards.
  • Life has me feeling beat, but i must continue on.
  • I must take a break from battles to recharge.


  • Snagged a Uriel the purifier. I have knocked out a few opponents with that recharge ability. Basically a super punch is what Uriel delivers every other round.


  • Also got a Fungus Fiend, pretty useful as a Zero mana card.


  • and an update on my progress in Rising Star.
  • up to level 38
  • trying to do more music lessons to bring down that ego ratio



  • What is the conclusion really.
  • i will continue to grind with my fellow Hive team.
  • it is early in 2022. Setting up for future moves.
  • keep up the rockin.
  • grind, post, battle.



Oh.....the Shiba is so adorable!! 🤩🤩🤩
🥦 !LUV 🥦

You are awesome. Yeah, hes a little monster.

@mizuosemla(6/10) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

You will have no time to feel the pain when Uriel The Purifier delivers one on you!

You know it Joe, hes a beast.


Why are ducks good at playing limbo?
Because they can get down.

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Beautiful dog!

You da man Shortshot, keep at it.

Our Shiba is part cool, part bastard !LOL

What's the most modern plant?
A courant bush.

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keep rockin.
Have a !PIZZA

Thanks Steem bro. Guess i have no choice but to keep rockin, you right.


If at first you don't succeed...
... sky diving is not for you!

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What did the hotdog say to the bun?
Listen buddy, i'm going to be frank with you.

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Amazing gold foil card and legendary cards

We are just beasts in the bucket sir.

A slice of !PIZZA for you.

Wow looks like you are either lucky or you have bought many packs to get those drops!

A little bit of both my brother. Lets keep chuggin like a train.

I must take a break from battles to recharge.

Pulling all these rare and legendary cards, I would not take much break. All I pulled in the recent past were alchemy potion charges and legendary potion charges, and a few worthless and useless cards. And a 10 losing streak. And I fell back to Bronze III. This is why I decided two days ago (on 2022.02.06) to lease out my cards instead of playing.

By the way, your photo with your Shiba Inu in the end of the post is very cute.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Its utter insanity man. I have to keep going, have work tonight. I have put a lot of time, and capital into hive and splinterlands. Just hoping things pay off in the future. Cheers to our goals of becoming more independent. Yeah, friggin Jasper (shiba), he has a little smile on that pic, was trying to get him in good shot.

Ill pay your posts a visit later when im at work. Have a good day bro.

My !PIZZA bot might be tapped, but ill try.

Yo! :D I'm working on a Gold 1 deck right now. Rented of course lol I'm trying to convert my Immortal Shieldbearer deck from Silver to Gold :D

It is definitely not so easy man. Many ways to approach. If youre able to buy some packs, it helps. If need to rent and grind for DEC, its up to you. Im just plain crazy, spend hard earned money on magic internet cards....hmmmm.

Hopefully our efforts pay off. As long as the game stays relevant over next few years.



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