Battling my buddy Joetunex, in a random encounter in Splinterlands. Hustle and Grind

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  • in one corner, the Quack

  • in the second corner, @joetunex


  • I started a battle, as part of my daily routine, while Hive price craps on us. When the opponent was selected, i happened to see that it was a friend that i have met, and communicated with on Hive. First, i got a little scared. Second, i wondered who would be the victor. I needed a win, so i was thirsty, but of course the match was already set.


  • Joes Team - Pyre, Grum Flameblade, Magnor, Sandworm Molten Ogre, Disintegrator, and a Flame Monkey.

  • Quacks Team - Byzantine Kitty, Grum as well, Radiated Brute, Ureus, Sandworm, Tenyii Striker, and a Dragon Jumper


  • well, the battle summary here is unfortunately going to have to be quick, as i cannot find the battle in my history. I have played more battles since, im on mobile, at work, hmmmmm, oh well.

  • short summary is that i took the battle, but dam it was a good one. One day we shall meet up again, but it was cool that the universe paired us at that moment.

  • lets keep rockin, hustling, collecting, and climbing towards better days. Even as Hive token price, and overall markets are beating us down.



  • SPS has tumbled back down towards $0.12 cents, not far off of its prior lows. Picture above is a Daily candle. My yellow trendlines not getting any action. They might in the future though, interested to see how things look 6 months from now, or even closer to 2023.


  • same chart, but on a very zoomed out, Weekly candle view. For such a young asset, limited history, theres not much data. Looks kind of ugly. Some might say its beyond repair. For us that have faith in Splinterlands universe, maybe there is hope that demand for this coin rises and value rises over time. To see even $0.50 cents would be pretty nice.



  • Hive price on the weekly candle, and considering all things, not doing too bad. Down of course, with most of the market. Not particularly strong which sucks, but still up from where Hive started from

  • strong community, many eager to continue posting.

  • All i can say is Rock on.



Even if I do not play Splinterlands nowadays (I took a break on 2022.02.06), it is still good to see two familiar Hive users (you and @joetunex) battling in Splinterlands.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Thanks @xplosive 🙂

Kind words, and you 2 are legend beasts in my book. Cool thing is you can always choose to play again if you want, but focusing on posts is even better. Cheers to the grind that we must endure.



I used to be addicted to soap
but now I'm clean.

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@xplosive, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @captainquack22
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Man, you two and your Grums...@joetunex had me close to pulling out the secret credit card the other day and spending some fiat on a leveled-up Grum. I might have to go ahead and do that this week now - good stuff !

Ohhhhh snap Sage. All up to you man, its def a choice. Grum is pretty cool actually.


My father wants me to study law and be a good lawyer
He needs me to get him out of jail.

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Oh yes I remember that battle damn it, I just bought Grum and was experimenting with it 😃. How did I miss it was you who kicked my butt!
Lol I tried looking for the battle but can't find it will be nice having it re-watched, the is the second time am being paired with someone I know on Hive first was @mistakili who kick my ass as well.

Great stuff buddy, keep grinding!

lol we have to have some type of re match with more people

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True bro, it will be fun 😃

Whoopings for us all my friend. Take me out back with the chickens and hogs lol.

Was a solid battle. Grum is pretty beast.


Lol we are going to do this again!

Can February march?
No, but April may.

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Have a great day.

What is in the middle of nowhere?
The letter H

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You too Steembro. Rock and/or Roll bro


Why didn’t the teddy bear want dessert?
He was stuffed.

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