Snaggin a Hetty, and Oboe in Rising Star. Getting a Chaos Card pack as a daily quest reward too??

in #risingstar8 months ago


I sold a small pile of Starbits that i have earned, for Hive and chose to buy 2 packs in Rising Star since ive enjoyed doing missions, and since there has been an increase in starbit price, that has been holding for past couple days.

I used the option that cost 4 Hive for one pack. Bought 2 packs and got the 1 rare, and 2 commons in each pack.

1st i got a R132 Hetty which has less fans than my Rentaw, but has better skill.


2nd pack i got the R142 Oboe, instrument, which has really good luck actually, so i believe that should help me progress in rhe game.



I also finished my daily quest and happened to get a Chaos Legion pack as part of my reward chests. That seems kind of new to me, i havent heard anyone else mention it, maybe its a newer update or addition to rewards.


I opened the pack, and had just a sliver of luck when i received a Gold Foil Venari Scout. Low value considering its gold, has low attack, quick speed and the opportunity ability, but its a cool card to the collection.


So finish up your quests, put on your boots. Lets keep rockin.

Snowing like Mount Everest, need to go shovel some snow again.




That is a new one on me getting a pack as a reward. And a Goldie!! Always a good thing

Heck yeah Boom Boom, thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to your next story too bud!


I need to get some of this luv malarkey, I always like a new token to distribute!

@captainquack22(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

I bought my first pack yesterday and got a goldie! :D tho I havent done my spl quests yet! cant wait to get my pack thru the dq lol

Nice quickdraw, its enjoyable to whatever extent we can afford.

Good luck for good reward loot, so we can stack up.


I just love how this game looks like. XD it reminds me of the old early 2000s browser games I used to play. XD I bless you with an Epic in your next pack lol

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Lezzzzzz go Brian. Thanks for stopping by.

Lets see if this !PIZZA drops.

keep rockin.
Have a !PIZZA

Throwin some !LUV back at you SteemMan.

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People say I’ve got no willpower
but I’ve quit smoking loads of times.

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Good to see you progressing well!

I did my pack opening also, funnily enough sent you a Hetty too! You should be on 12 cards right now though, not sure if the ones I sent have or haven't shown up yet, hopefully you just need to refresh your card holding again and they'll show up if not let me know and I'll try look into it more.


Keep up the grind 😄

Dam Dubble, thanks man. I didnt notice, but let me go refresh the data.

Looking, i had a pack of cards. Not sure if its what you sent or in trippin out, cant tell. Thats awesome though, much appreciated.

I got a R136 Desmond rare and couple commons. I do have 12 cards now so thats pretty badass. Id like to use this as ammo for a post, which ill do later, and give you a shout out.

!LOL, keep rockin for sure.

Hahahah maybe I sent them right as you were opening your pack and it jumbled up, least you had a pack waiting for you still!

Happy to help man, glad to see you getting more into the game, hope you're enjoying it too!

I'll keep my eyes open for it, have a good night my friend 😁

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Two white horses jumped in the mud.

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amazing gold card

The first time I got a universal remote control I thought to myself
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Thanks man.


Aha, got you man, makes sense. !LOLZ

I'm in a club for kids who love math.
We are called the Algebros.

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Great! Another exciting for daily chest rewards!

May many packs come our way buddy. Good luck x100.



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