Stake BATTLE Tokens To Earn NFT's

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The top 100 staked BATTLE holders have a 1 in 4 chance of earning a Battlegames NFT!

This week marks a new chapter for Battlegames NFT's as we have just minted our first NFT on NFT Showroom. Season 1 Card 5 was minted on both HIVE and WAX, fun times.

NFT SHowroom Max Supply: 25/25
Atomichub Max Supply: 100/100


As a thank you to those that continue to stake BATTLE and help gamers earn a little something extra on their content, this is for you. I airdropped 25 cards randomly within the top 100 Staked hodlers, check your NFT gallery!

I will continue to drop Season 1 NFT's as they're released to staked BATTLE holders, stay tuned for our next drop 👊

Any question feel free to connect with me in our Battlegames Discord.


 2 years ago 

Great thing for BATTLE to have much more going for it now.
NFT's are going to help boost it some more and the price of sell orders has had some nice increases and I know I sold a big chunk of the liquid at a higher amount.

Now 4th on the richlist huzzah! Feels good and that keeps growing with curation.
Keen to see the next NFT that is released!

Nice, I got one in my wax wallet and was wondering when we get a post regarding it.

was a little late with the hive post, wanted to wait until after the wax and hive drop was done 😄

I honestly thought Battle wasn't a thing anymore. On hive-engine etc the info on it is goes to a dead site. Might want to update that?

Anyways I restaked mine!

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Thanks for pointing that out, and updated!

How many Battle tokens do you need to hold to be in the top 100?

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Right now it looks like 2,200 tokens puts you at around 100th, give or take..

I didn't know I was so close!

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i got a whopping 21c worth of those LOL

i'm pretty sure not in the top 100 - but it's nice you starting do something with the token again

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Where can I find the top 100 stakers of BATTLE

I guess I should be on the list then sort by stake. You're definitely on the first page near the top 👊

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Where can we find top 100 stakers of Battle tokens? Thanks!