Battlegames NFT's | New Card Drop Tomorrow!

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Season 1 Card #003 will drop tomorrow Monday, January 4th.

If you're not already whitelisted for Season drops comment your WAX wallet address below.

The whitelist is currently 300+ deep and our largest prints are 100 max circulation so at current rate you'll have a 1 in 3 chance of snagging a drop.

Battlegames NFT's are created by community members and always dropped for FREE to community members.

We're currently publishing on the WAX blockchain but plan to explore other great platforms in the near future like NFT Showroom and Rarible 👏


If you're a digital artists and would like to contribute a piece to be minted please connect with me in our Discord. Artists always receive the #1 mint as a thank you.

New Years Event is a Wrap

Thank you to everyone that popped into our Discord over the weekend to wish us a happy new year. Hope you enjoy your free Booster NFT's, they'll come in handy down the road 😉

Visit us online at


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thanks ;)

WAX Account Name: sndaw.wam

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Great, you're listed! Odds are 1 in 3 for today's drop.

Thanks 😎

My WAX account: 3omqy.wam

Thanks, You're listed. Odd are 1 in 3 for todays drop.

Thank you

My WAX Account: suhqw.wam

 last year 

done and done! 👊

Well I missed this one. Damn...

 last year 

New drops basically weekly so stay in touch! 😎

Kept forgetting about creating the WAX wallet, but think I've finally done it, here it is:

Thank you!

 last year 

Awesome, you're now whitelisted! Best of luck with the next drop 👊

Thank you @battlegames!

My WAX account: g4sqy.wam

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My WAX account is : 4hkaw.wam
It is late for this one but still in time for the future ones i hope