Iphone or Epona?

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If I give you the choice of Two iPhone 12 pro max or one Epona what would be your choice? Well if you are a normal human being unlike me you would choose iPhone I am pretty sure about it. Today I spent 3300$ on maxed Epona. 3300$ could buy me 2 iPhone 12 pro max. Since the day I have joined splinterlands my preferences have been changed. Now instead of buying a new phone or other girlie stuff, I like to buy different kinds of monsters :P. Before I used to upgrade my iPhone every year and now I am happy with the Ipone x it's been 3 or 4 years since i upgraded my phone:P I mean buying a phone is a boring thing for me. What excites me more is purchasing a monster I like the most.

One lesson I learnt was that when I realised the worth of Epna I should have purchased it in this first place. But i thought 35$/BCX is very expensive I should wait for a bit. But she never came down. After losing a lot of battles because of Epona I decided to rent Epona. Some days it was easy to get her on reasonable rental but somedays she wasn't even available. I decided to purchase mine. So I went ahead I purchased 3300$ worth of credits using SPS and it cost me 6.5k SPS. And boom now I have my own Epona.



Now it is 3500$ so i am already in profit hehee Splinterlands is an insane game. Never thought I would be spending this much money on just cards :P I really love this game. Long Live Splinterlands you are the reason that I have some fun in my life :P XD Before I was just an introvert now I am an extraordinary introvert because of splinterlands. I don't want to go anywhere because always many things on my mind My tournaments, my quests, brawling etc :P Well, I am done with my bragging post. Now let's see next which monster is on my list. See ya take care Happy splinterlanding.

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It's interesting to see how a person's orientation can change because of a game, I realize this game is very influential, even I who have only been active for a few seasons have already felt how afraid I am of missing out and also afraid that I will drown in this game addiction.

Talking about the options above, maybe for those who don't know Splinterlands they will definitely choose the iPhone, different from people who have different passions and interests ;)

That's true and you can always look at me I have drowned in this game addiction. Only the addicted person can take big steps :P XD and welcome long time I am seeing you after steemhunt :P

I remember that time I just tried Splinterlands and read some tutorials and saw your writing on the tranding page, oh isn't this xawi who used to be active in SH? really an achievement from playing games :D I hope to last a long time and be consistent in this game because anything can happen and in the future of course the development of NFT will be more wild :D