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In the month of January @battlegames referred 13 new signups to the HIVE blockchain.

This is good news as it shows my efforts to onboard have started to pay off. After focusing on building up a twitter account in December I now have an additional tool that is able to cross promote blockchain gaming and NFT's.

I will run a couple more experiments in February and monitor the results.


From Battlegames and Everyone at HIVE, Welcome Aboard!

@aidejia @nayebenz01 @bee2296 @romansanan0 @poker80 @spider2510 @luksus @kirari @cyberlii @izzyfoxx @xclusivecrown @hemiko @squeakytadpole10

If you're short the HP needed to power your account let me know and I'll make a delegation.

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NFTShowrooom allows users to buy and sell digital art on the HIVE blockchain. This is "Proof of Art" on the blockchain.



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