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         I've been brewing digital beer on @cryptobrewmaster for quite a while. I never quite dove in and figured out the min-max strategies. I also never bothered to set up complex rings of accounts like some of the banned players. It's all too much work for a game I'm supposed to be enjoying.

         For my half-assed attempts at this game, I say I did pretty well showing up near the top of events ranking for months. Like I said, it's a game, I'm supposed to enjoy it.

         One of the things I've been working on, in a slow but sure fashion, is unlocking all the upgrades slots in the water tower. You see, brewing water is essential in this game. Although, it is a pricey endeavor that only a few players outside of the game's founders could afford.

         When you look at how much CBM you would need to unlock them, it's hefty. You would need 38,730 CBMs to unlock all the slots in a production building. Then, you never have to pay rent again!

         Now, imagine doing that for the other 4 resource buildings in the game. You are looking at over 193K CBMs. I'm pretty sure the market doesn't even have that many sell orders. To put it in perspective, a 28-day rent for the water tower is around 203.2 CBM. So, the 38K price tag is like 10 years worth of rent. Would the game even last until then?

         Here's the thing, you don't have to spend all that money to enjoy this game. I do so by choice. This is a game where all the upgrades and NFTs are bonuses instead of must-haves to expand your operation. I try my best to offer other players cheaper NFTs on @nftmart.

         Of course, it is nice to be able to be self-sufficient and turn a profit. For that, you'd need to be a bit more crafty and cunning than following the game's script. Dabble in the markets. Build relationships, etc. The brute force method by buying a lot of CBMs can only go so far.

         Let's put it another way. Pretend you are running your own small brewery business. It's not realistic to roleplay as some startup with multi-millionaires backing.

         Each week, players earn hundreds of dollars worth of rewards from Cryptobrewmaster. Looks like starting this week, HIVE rewards are no longer a thing, and ASH will stay as the reward currency. The ASH token deserves an entire post on its own. So, I will leave it for another time.

         For some players, the weekly rewards are the reasons why they play the game. They would think I am crazy for trying to unlock all the upgrade slots of a single building. To some, I have expressed my view:

It's not about the money.

         Coming from games such as Magic or Hearthstone, the amount of money I've put into CBM is nothing. If I were all about the returns, I wouldn't be spending time playing this game. It's much easier for me to write a post like this and grab $20+ (before curation) in rewards.

         The rewards from the game are more like kickbacks to me. Most other games don't do that. Even Hearthstone gives you a measly amount of gold to save up for the next expansion. Otherwise, you'd have to grind like a madman, and nobody has time for that.

         Let's be honest, if you were actually about making money, you would be somewhere else.

         Overall, I've had a rather pleasant experience in Cryptobrewmaster. It's one of the games on Hive that actually utilize HBD. I hope they do stick around for the years to come.



I think I bought a few of your beers over the last 24 hours of renting everything.



@enforcer48! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @deanlogic.

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Good deal.

Thank you for buying.

Good post! Im working on mine now! This is a fun game, and the competition its a bonus of course!

Unfortunate im not able to bought much more of what i earn, so i try to make the game sustentable and invest what i earn (including the posts about the game)

I think i see games as a business, mostly because im living from crypto earnings this pandemic year, its a boost for my real life job. A great success by the way, living on south america i managed to buy a new computer (a decent ryzen) and change my phone. Im also a true hive believer, i want this and all hive games to success and im playing almost every game on the ecosystem (excepto thungaria and exxode but i have create my account on both)

Now i bought some things on oceanplanet i really really love the drawings of that game =P

They definitely have good artists for Ocean Planet.

Yeah, I understand the need based on circumstances, so I feel ya. To me, it's not so much the case, so I feel okay spending a bit liberally.

But, there's only so much we can do. So, look after yourself first.

Of course! I think i found the balance if such thing exist =P

Playing so many games also allows me to create a circle of resources and income and im used to move to one place to another, sell almost all my splinterlands cards to bought packs and also to unlock some spots on buildings with that (and im used to buy SPL packs with wax, and some NFT of other hive games)

Games are entering on a gold era and im not missing it =P

It's good to know you got it sorted out.

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