Cryptobrewmaster - How do I brew the most worthwhile European Lager?

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In my last post, I gave you tips on how to brew beer without losing CBM. Since many players prefer to sell their ingredients in the market instead of brewing them, I'd like to refine the whole thing a little today. Here is a small calculation example with the european lager:


Note that, as always, the numbers are just a snapshot. They can vary widely over the course of the week. Because water is the cheapest ingredient, I have calculated all the qualities here:


1. Always use at least the outstanding water

The most important thing here is that it is not worth brewing neutral or good water. The outstanding has the best value. (Oddly enough, at the time of my calculation, the neutral was even more expensive than the outstanding water).

2. Try to get cheap ingredients

Watch the market and buy ingredients cheaply. Of course, this also means that you should have a few numbers in your head (or write them down somewhere).

3. Use your energy and complete daily quests

Ideally, of course, the quests for the ingredients that are most expensive on the market

4. Try out different combinations of qualities

Play around with the qualities of the ingredients in order to improve the average. My favourite is this combination:


Now you can say: Stop, now you're making more losses. Yes, that's correct, but my added value is also due to the participation in the events.

5. Sell your beer on the market

As a calculation example, I'll take the beer with the best value (four neutral, one outstanding ingredient) and my personal favourite (two neutral, two good, one outstanding ingredient). I determined the sales prices from the log (I'm sure that they'll increase after april 20th).


6. This are only the basics

As you can see there is still a small deficit. If you now factor in points 2 and 3 or the prices will drop a little, in the end there will be some CBM left over for every beer brewed.

Cryptobrewmaster is more than selling ingredients. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, the next step is to take part in the events. You can get a lot more out of here.

Whether ingredients or beer. If you plan selling in the market from April 20th, you definitely need a passport. The game is constantly being developed and is currently still in alpha. But I can assure you that sooner or later buying a passport will be worth it. So why not strike now and get a piece of the cake ...


Great recommendations! See you at the market :)

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