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As announced, from April 20th you will only be able to sell things on the market if you have a passport. I really like the game and trading is the most important part for me right now. Unfortunately, not many players have purchased a passport so far, which will greatly limit the offer.

I was able to collect a few ASH through the in-game events and my last posts about @cryptobrewmaster which were upvoted very well. As a thank you for that, I would like to give another player the opportunity to sell on the market.

What do I do with the passport? Sell ingredients, brewed beer, enhancers, influence, etc. on the market. But this is only the beginning. Later in the game it will give you the possibility to create or join a guild, participate in beersville governance or maybe other advantages that are not yet known.

How can I win? If you are interested, just leave a comment here. If you already have a passport, link a friend (no fake-accounts). As soon as the post is closed, I'll fire up the random number generator and choose a lucky winner. Important: Write the name of the account and the nationality of which you want the passport. It will then be sent to you directly in the game (thanks to @rollie1212 for that).

Unfortunately, it can only hit one person here. For everyone else, there is still the option of buying a pass for 1000 ASH (currently about $ 9.50). An investment that will definitely pay off.

Haven't tried Cryptobrewmaster yet? Let's go...


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Wow this is amazing... I would like to go with Ukraine

@axeman is still without "Lithuanian" one :D

I really want.


Oh, I'm interested as well! Please add me to the draw for Fiji :)

Will the market restrictions without passport be only for selling goods or will we also need a passport to buy stuff there?

Only for selling, buy will remain available to everyone.


@nervi with Poland passport!

@degiro a friend in real world refered to cbm is not playing much but with this maybe he try harder

Also reblogged and twitted!


No need!! $PIZZA

I already bought a Ukrainian one. The chances for a sensible Belarusian guild are zero.

Apparently it is planned that way at the moment. I hope, however, that they don't limit the guilds to individual countries.

What can i say that it is a pretty great application - I can't complain, i like it and i'm very happy that a lot of news is being brought to this special simulator. However, i am a little confused about this passport .... for example, if i buy a passport from the country i represent, would that prevent me from trading in the market with other people from other countries? or does it simply allow me to sell to everyone globally? At the moment i am quite confused, so i refrained from buying that passport.

You can trade with all players. It looks like a guild restriction is planned, but I don't think that's coming. That would be pretty unfair for the small countries and players would buy the pass that most of the other players have.

Thanks for the clarification. At the moment, the restrictions on a guild don't worry me much. In the near future i'm sure that more players from different countries will join and this will be clarified. There are still many people who have not heard about, Hive platform and Cryptobrewmaster game but, i'm convinced that time solves them all. Cheers🙋‍♂️ !BEER

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This is really sweet! I havnet collected any ASH at all so would love to participate

A dutch passport would suit me well :)

I still am confused why we bought a license earlier. Without passport no option to play anymore which is a bit sad for probably many players.

rubillo15, i am in!

I would like to go for United Kingdom please 😎👍

Wow, what a generous gift. I still have some doubts whether it's a good investment too buy a passport.
Just because just a few people have one.
If haven't got enough ASH to buy one now and if I'm getting one it will be from ASH earnings (or winning one off course).
It would be the first Dutch flag 😃🇳🇱

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I wants it and I am from Hong Kong!

I hold the first American passport, but would like to nominate my wife @queenbee1977 for one! I saw how many new ones there were!

Ok, let's try. @markoslaw - polish passport.

In Venezuela I do not have a passport. I want to try, @ jlrmedina12 wants a ukrainian passport

@merthin - PL