10 Free Hive/ Pokemon Cards For Sale/ Chaos Legion Presale Offer + SPS Giveaway Winners!

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Pokemon Cards For Sale

I was reading HIVE created content yesterday when I just so happen to come across a post that was offering an undisclosed amount of Pokemon cards for sale. In that same topic is a giveaway for 10 HIVE Tokens. All one has to do to enter the 10 HIVE Giveaway is head over to the official topic and take a guess at how many Pokemon cards are being offered for sale. The seller of these Pokemon cards is @dynamicrypto and the official post is Pokemon Mystery Card Bundle 1990s to early 2000s.

SPS Giveaway Winners

A few days back I offered a giveway of 6 SPS in the topic Clove71 Birthday Bash Is Underway. The first two SPS winner was the person who kicked my butt in the Birthday Bash Tournament the other two were randomly selected readers who left a comment. Congrats to @undeadklown (Beat me in the BD Bash) / @merit.ahama and @readthisplease who have all been sent two SPS each.

Rentmoney's Chaos Legion Presale Offer


Chaos Legion Presale is less then two days away and has a tiered bonus system for packs and other goodies. One needs to purchase at least 100 CL Booster Packs before that bonus kicks in.

  • 100 - 499 - 10% additional pack bonus
  • 500 - 1999 - 15% additional pack bonus
  • 2000+ - 20% additional pack bonus

I'm aiming for the 500+ pack level so that will be a 15% bonus on purchased packs. If you are interested I will pass that 15% bonus to you. For example if you plan on purchasing 50 Booster Packs you wouldn't quailify for any of the tiered bonuses for additional packs. If you were to purchase packs with my bundle you would get your 50 Packs+ 7.5 extra packs. I will round fraction of 0.5+ upwards to help offset the loss of future airdrop cards.

I will also send you one promo card for every 50 boosters purchased (just like offered from Splinterlands). The downside is you would lose out on any addition chances at future airdrops. Min purchase through me is set at 20 Chaos Legion Packs. You will need to provide me with one voucher per pack you want purchased plus the cost of the booster itself. I won't be purchasing the presale booster packs until the last days of presale so keep that in mind when making your decision. CL Booster are not openable during presale and give 300 airdrop points each.

Rentmoney CL Presale Offer Recap

  • 20+ Boosters - 15% addition pack bonus
  • 20 Booster Min Purchase
  • Must provide one voucher per purchased booster
  • Must provide booster cost (HBD/HIVE/DEC or SPS)
  • Purchase won't be made until last days of presale

If you are interested in the above we can work out the payment details closer to the end of the presale which is when I'll be making the 500+ booster purchase. Purchasing under 50 Packs from me gives you 0 chance at any airdropped/promo cards. I will send you one limited-edition promo card for every 50 booster packs purchased. That means if you purchase 50 packs through me you will get One Promo Card. If you purchase 70 packs thats still one promo card. If you purchase 100 packs thats two promo cards. Purchase 49 packs and get 0 promo cards. This offer isn't much good to anyone purchasing their own 500+ packs but I figured I try and pass on some savings to those who might be making some smaller pack purchases who might value getting more packs over a small chance at airdropped cards.

What is Splinterlands

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands. Play for free or pay $10 usd and start earning today!

Watch A Splinterlands Battle Below


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Thanks for the mention, since then I went from 1 entry (you) to several now! And @dkid14 interested in making an SPS offer already! !PGM

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @rentmoney

remaining commands 0

Buy 100 PGM token to send 0.3 PGM tokens per day from the image


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You're welcome, good luck with your sale.

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thanks too much !! very interesting

 last month 

Excellent, you are the second that showed interest thus far. I'll make another post after CL releases and tag the interested parties in it. That way everyone has an idea what vouchers will cost and can better make their decision on how many boosters they want to purchase.

Hi @rentmoney, hope you are well. What is the procedure to buy at least the minimum of 20 packs?

 last month (edited)

I'll collect the funds a day or two before I make the purchase as to avoid any swings in the marketplace. I won't be making the 500+ booster purchase until near the end of presale. Presale last 30 days + 7 day grace period.

For example if someone decides to purchase 20 packs they would need to send me 20 vouchers plus funds needed to cover the cost of boosters. I'll accept HIVE/HBD/DEC or SPS as payment.

I'll be purchasing the packs using SPS so a 10% discount will be applied to pack purchases. Which means packs will cost $3.60 each + one voucher. The full process can be recorded here on the Hive network or in private in discord (buyers choice).

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Thanks for explaining the process, let's see if I get any bauche.

That's a pretty good deal you are offering for booster pack purchases. It's great that you are helping out the small quantity purchasers to get bonus packs. I would take you up on the offer but I hope to be making at least a 500 pack purchase myself.

 last month 

Looks like vouchers are going to be costly.The last I checked there was a small order placed at Hive-Engine for 20 HIVE each.

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The top offer is 2000 HIVE per voucher actually ;-)


... but yeah... that's just for 0.001 VOUCHER :-) ... and thereafter it's 20 HIVE.

either way... 20 HIVE per VOUCHER is still pricey! WOW


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We don't have to wait long to find out a price point. Just a litte under 34 hours to go.

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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

excellent post my friend, interesting information.

Sounds interesting! I will look into this when I see enough vouchers pouring in. So because of volatility on DEC and SPS figuring out the payment details will be going to be a little hard. Are you planning on an upfront payment or a deposit from the prospect to balance out the actual amount after payment processing? Here is another slice of !PIZZA for the joy of it.

 last month 

I won't be accepting payments until a day or two before I make the purchase. I'll accept the chosen payment method at the rate its being sold for on the day the funds get transfered to me. What I'm thinking of doing is if the price takes a run upwards after funds is sent to me I'll send back the difference. If the price drops of the chosen payment method I'll cover the extra cost.

Sounds fair enough !PIZZA

I have 1 Voucher in two days. This does not look like I'm receiving 20 voucher in 30 days. Everything is better to bear with a piece of !PIZZA

Very good offer to see if I can find a way to include myself because I think that the vouchers can be a problem.

 last month 

Sure, there's still plenty of time as I'm not making any purchase until the last days of the presale.

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Thanks a lot for the SPS. I really appreciate

 last month 

You're welcome.

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Thanks for the SPS, I appreciate it 🙂

 last month 

You're welcome.

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Nice post! More power to you!

 last month 



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