Buying Chaos Legion Packs on Hive-Engine? If You're Paying > $3.60, You're Getting RIPPED OFF!

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This is a great PSA! I think a lot of people are throwing money around without knowing what they are buying, which is really unfortunate. !PIZZA

Sometime patient is all you need in investing. It's good to see some people see Splinterlands as an investment and not go with the hype. More of us will make this market more stable and have more equal opportunities for new or small players

I fully agree with you, Kenny. People get excited with the Hype and start spending their money without even knowing what exactly they're buying; then these same people end up feeling they were 'scammed' when, in fact, they just did a mistake.


I agree with you. The voucher covers the added things that you might get for buying the packs in the store. When taking into consideration that the burn/point value of the CL cards will be lower than that of untamed, I believe that prices are really too high at the moment.

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Glad I came around to this post. Was thinking of throwing a bag both into chaos and vouchers. I looked at them like my beta packs. In the long run, I am making a good return on beta packs. Maybe I'll give chaos some more time before making the purchase.

Chaos Legion will definitely be a great investment at its actual $3.60 - $4 price... but buying them for 3-5x that much, just to have them early (with no ability to open) seems like a really bad play to me.

If you want the promo cards, that's one thing, but otherwise just buy packs on the cheap. Previous sets have always been lower than shop price on Hive-Engine until they sell out, specifically because people can buy them for the airdrops, and sell the packs.

though I don't disagree with what you say,
I don't see the Packs coming down much more than 10$
and Vouchers 20$ for the next weeks just by reason of pure scarcity and supply and demand
but ofc it would be nice to be proven wrong, I'd certainly love to load up on 1-2$ vouchers

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Totally agree with you! People need to calm down and think first before making a decision. There is still 36 days so why rush?

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