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         Okay, that sounds awful, especially with the talks of "vaccine passports" in recent news. But, @cryptobrewmaster isn't your government, so it's all good.

         In a near future update, one would need a passport in order to sell items in the internal market. That's not so bad considering you can still buy whatever you need from there. I guess it's an anti-multi-account measure in place by the dev team. At the time of this post, you could pick up 1000 ASH for around 15-16 HIVE.

         Of course, with recent rise in HIVE prices, games are becoming more and more prohibitive in terms of cost. It's too bad we can't count on HBD to be a stable currency, but that's story for another time.

         The above screenshot is not up to date. I took it when I bought my passport. Since then, four more players have bought their papers. At this rate, it might be a while before a guild emerges in the game. However, I do hope the sight of seeing people getting it will encourage others to do so as well.

         Speaking of buying into stuff, influence is a thing you could buy using ASH now. There's not much you can do with it fight now except for showing up on the leaderboard. And yes, you can also sell that on the market. The team hasn't released details about governance in Beersville yet. So, this is something to keep an eye on.

         Currently, 10 ASH trades for 1 influence. That could change in the future depending on many factors. As far as I'm concerned, it's not high on most players' priority list right now.

         In other news, the mini-game section in the pub is live! It's somewhat of a mislabel since the available game is not pinball. Unless pinball carries a different connotation elsewhere in the world, I digress.

         It's an obstacle game. You know, like the jumping T-rex in Chrome. Most of us are familiar with this kind of platformer. Right now, you can't sign in with HiveSigner, etc. but you can still play as guest. There's even a place in the game's Discord where players can show off their scores.

         Let's revisit the roadmap again. One of the biggest updates, in several hours, is the NFT implementation of your assets in the game. This applies to items such as your enhancers and whatnot. I know there were some hesitations from players purchasing them before. Let's hope this change will ease that fear of not having a proof-of-purchase for your items.

         See you all in the tavern!

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I do not have enough ash to buy a passport yet. not even close may never so only thing I know is I can not sell items in market now. o well

It currently costs around 16 HIVE to get 1000 ASH. Less if you want to place a buy order. You'll get there!


Hi O I see that good information. most every thing is like staked


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