Stalker Anomaly gameplay 01-16

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I start a mission while in camp hoping its something near by I can get. With basic tools as the items we are looking for we head off into the wasteland. The great swamps can be tough, as its mostly water which is radioactive and enemies can easily hide behind the tall grass. But even in this hostile region I find allies along the way and try to trade with them anything I have found of value.


Playing this mod called Anomaly it takes the vanilla Stalker game and overhauls it. Really glad for mods like this as it greatly increases the replay-ability of games.

Heading into a military base there are people in there, but not sure who is it. I can hear them talking but thats about it. I quickly learn they are military and they got some big guns.

After getting my ass handed to me multiple times, I try to approach from a different direction.

There is a guard up in the tower I need to kill.

Seems my sneak was not good enough and they did not get the instant kill, though the enemy would not turn around but I got shot up by military below.

Leaving the area as its just too hot, I do not have the armor or weapons to take them on right now.

Found some allies hanging out by some old railroad cars, they did not like me having my gun out.

I search the buildings near by and find a few things to hold on to.

A building I want to enter requires special suits or meds to not die.

I enter just for a moment and collect what I can by the door and then quickly leave.

A bunch of boxes can be broken, I learned that recently you can smash them open.. haha.

Found my way into an underground section, but there were enemies near by.

After killing a bunch of them, I do some inventory.

The deeper I go underground the more monsters I find.

Though the weak ones are no match for my shotgun.

I collect what I can from the monsters, though you sometimes need a better knife to get everything.

Pressing on deeper into the underground I come across some very tough monsters.

I try and try again to kill them but it would seem they are just too tough. I close a gate to stop them from getting to me as easily. When I first found the spot I opened the gate but that was a mistake as the monsters quickly came through and killed me.. Haha well the wasteland is quite deadly, everything wants to kill you. The weather, the animals, monsters, enemies and radiation everywhere.

YouTube 2K Video Link

Solominer Presents:S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly
GenreFirst Person Shooter
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
ProcessorIntel core i9
MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB
Video CardsNvidia RTX 3090
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


wait what

I can hear them talking

SO YOU UNDERSTAND RUSSIAN? Hey, that's pretty cool.

The graphics don't look like much, but, at minute 21 while you're circling through the wall and the enemies start screaming in Russian it somehow reminded me of COD 1. I don't know, the graphics and that specific part gave me a little wave of nostalgia lol.

And those monsters around 1 hour of gameplay look like rats, lol. Well, at first I thought they were some kind of mutant chihuahuas, but they're definitely not intimidating at all.

Well, for some reason when you went underground the game looked a hell of a lot better. Although those loading screens are pretty weird too, it's not a common thing in current games (I mean, it's not common for current game loading screens to be a static image with a tip XD).

haha nah I cannot understand Russian.

Graphics wise its hit or miss depending on where you are, the modders have done alot of work to make it better but there is still room for improvement.

Those rats are hard to hit though, tiny things so I got to pull out my knife and melee them.

Thats what I was saying, the modders have made some maps way better and then some others seem untouched and still stuck in 2009.

Even with all its weirdness I love the game. I think this video sums it up quite nicely.



I love the graphics so much although its dark when its almost finished. I hope to see a game likthis on Android version too.


Ah thanks alot for support on my YouTube channel.

Yeah Stalker has alot of darkness, but honestly it makes it more fun and scary to play.. haha

It wont come out on Android, you already need a very powerful PC just to run it.

Wow 😀😀😀😀. My laptop got spoilt when I was packing from one house apartment to another. I'm going to save up to get a new one soon. I have already screenshoted it. I will surely Love to play it too. Yes. That's how we roll on YouTube. Youtube is another real Different World entirely. But its a gradual process there too. I will also help you too there as well to navigate through some friends.

thanks man.. appreciate it.

@solominer, I also have a strategy to tell you on YouTube. You can also Cultivate the habit of uploading Vlog on YouTube Short it also helps for more visibility on YouTube. I started mine few months ago. You can also do it. I assure you.


Oh cool, did not know about shorts.. Will keep that in mind if I have any to post.

Oh okay. That's pretty cool. Let me share an example with you real quick 🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿.

thats pretty cool

You could upload on Youtube and also upload on 3speak for more Incentives as well. The wasteland is definitiely crazy, takes a whole lot of concentration, it feels like everywhere is a trap and there are danger lurking everywhere apart from the Monsters you need to kill. Whew! Action packed.

I do not want to have to render two different videos to meet the bitrate requirements of 3speak. Rather just post to one place.

Hah yeah wasteland is out to get ya.

I'm waiting for new one. i think thats gonna be a good game.

I really hope so too.. fingers crossed.