Splinterland Thrillers: Stun can be very useful in winning the battle ,Thriller 6

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Splinterland Thrillers: Stun can be very useful in winning the battle ,Thriller 6

There are so many players and everyone has different objective of playing the game, Some player plays to complete Daily quest hurriedly and some play to use their ECR efficiently, Most players put "Rumble" and "Skip to Result" and move forward but I love to watch full battle on most of time. When you watch full battle you sometime see some thrilling and close battles and by this post I will like to share my thrilling battles in these post. Purpose of this post is to show you the thrilling battles, not necessarily my wins.

Clickable link to battle below


My Analysis of the battle:

I like to highlight this battle because in this battle I am not able to defeat level 3 Scarred Llama Mage but it is defeat of level 3 Kron with healing abilities ,that is now considered as one of the most invincible combination. There is so much terror of this combination that some of the Guilds that used to banish "Yodin Zaku" earlier started to banish Scarred Llama now .

If you read the post that you will find this is most feared and having high win ratio combination and almost invincible in lower leagues.

This is 22 mana battle and ruleset allowed trample and at first I was little inclined to use Tyrus Paladium as it give +1 armor to all as armor can be hindrance if trample kicks but finally I decided to go for Earth summoner and decided to use Spirit Shaman as it has Divine Shield and ability to stun the opponent monster. I used Flesh Golem as tank but I also do not want my tank to be hit and I decides to use Creeping Ooze and Brownie for this.
Wood Nymph to take care of the healing and Goblin Sorcerer to do magic sneak attack at the tail of enemy.

Tip/trick learned from this battle.

Stun is a very powerful ability and if your monster able to stun the opponent in low mana battle where opponent is relying heavily on a single heavy mana card instead of team of monsters then "stun" can be really game changer as happened in this battle.

This is not first time I won this battle using "stun" but this time i decided to document it.
Reverse is also true that I lost many battles where opponent keep stunning my tank and I hoped I might have next good round.

The team that I was planning to effective against trample was also become effective against the Llama-Kron combination and gave the nice win.

Only Drawback is that "Stun" is 50-50 chance ability and you cannot expect it to stun enemy every time.

Did team is planned purposely or luck by chance?
Though team is planned purposely but I as already mentioned
"Stun" ability was really crucial here.

Who is real hero according to you?

I can say Spirit Shaman is a strong card but mostly overlooked because it do not have nice attack as such.

Feel free to share one of your also
If you have one outstanding battle like this, please share with me.

Link to the battle

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I never used to use stun as I never seemed to have any luck with it. But in the last month I have been using it again and it has been working out well for me. As far as I am aware no stats were changed on it, so maybe my luck with it has just changed.
Anyways this has the Sniping Narwhal and the Spirit Shaman getting used in my battles and they have proven very effective. A well timed Stun can be the difference between success and defeat.

That true, sometime you stun opponent thrice in a row ,sometime you are not stunning once in 3 attempts. Unpredictable ,but if works in your favour then you can bring down the stronger enemy too.


I seem to ignore cards that do not have a good attack with speed. I should look at some of the nonattack cards as some of them have good abilities, like Tank heal.

Heal is very strong ability and in some cases Armor repair too.
At least we should have one healer for that team.

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I'm definitely going to try to use stun more often. I've been practicing using monsters with Affliction in the hopes that they do well against a self-healing Flesh Golem or Kron the Undying

Affliction is good but it do not stop Kron from attacking.
Also not that Llama has "cleanse" property so "stun" and "Affliction" cards need to have more swiftness then Kron in general ruleset and less swiftness in reverse ruleset.

Good point. I haven't been able to test out the strategy yet but I completely forgot that Llama's cleanse would regularly undo it. Maybe the strategy would be more effective in high mana-cap battles where more monsters would be allowed to attack Kron. Him, Flesh Golem, and Scarred Llama Mage are truly a remarkable combination of cards