Splinterlands Amazing Battles – Renewing Battle

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Welcome, Splinter people! I am pleased to present yet another fiery battle you should study so you can get better at playing to earn!


This episode's battle was renewing

I'm a player who uses intuition more than anything else while battling in Splinterlands. However, this battle made it clear to me that I should worry about technical details.

Click on the image below to watch the fight:


As a player, I'm very proud, so I thought I should exercise humility sometimes. I present this battle where I was defeated through no other monster than Almo Cambio.

Watch this battle to see how Almo Cambio was an absolute beast versus my team.

Almo dodged both physical and magical attacks more often than not thanks to... Guess what? Difference in speed.

My monsters weren't agile. That made all of them miss very often, although on the bad luck side of the equation, effectively never being able to kill @jacekw's frontliner.

But I didn't quite understand why that happened at first.


Upon further investigation, I discovered Almo's Phase ability forces magic attacks to use the same equation physical attacks use.

That means a higher speed monster with phase has a higher chance of evading a magic attack. It's not a fixed chance as I first thought would happen.

Moreover, while my @jacekw's Gem Meteor used its Piercing and Scattershot abilities to secure two hits on my Prismatic Energy.

I had bad luck trying to connect hits on Almo, but @jacekw had good luck with Gem Meteor. But luck's part of the game, so I can't complain. Good match!


See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @jacekw

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Images: @splinterlands & cover image design by @legalizabrazil


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for a moment I was thinking you gonna win in the round 4-5.

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I will like a link to that battle pls has the one you put there isn't open to the battle.

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