Craftopia ~ "...but I didn't mean to destroy the world..."

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I recently discovered the game ~ Craftopia ~ thanks to xbox gamepass! And since I had to start a new character in a new world due to the first game being on multiplayer, I thought I'd write a little story using her. 🙂


Screenshot (667).png

The last thing Ellukha Kael remembered was pressing a big red button. What happened after that was a complete mystery, there were only vague fragments of heat and bright light. When Ellukha awoke within what appeared to be the fabled realm of the Gods, the last thing she expected was to be chided by the Creator for daring to destroy the planet.

"I just pushed a button!" Ellukha protested. "I didn't mean to destroy a whole planet!"

"As punishment for your deeds, you will be required to rebuild society with the small handful of people we managed to retrieve."

Screenshot (672).png

Before Ellukha could protest further, the Creator disappeared and a portal appeared in her place. Before Ellukha could comprehend what was happening, the portal sucked her into its vortex and sent her spiralling upon the hastily constructed dock of a small island.

People lined up on either side of the dock and jeered at her as she walked past.

"Thanks for destroying the world, you monster."

"I-I'll build you a new home!" Ellukha spluttered. "I promise!"

Screenshot (673).png

While the people lazed about on the docks and did absolutely nothing, Ellukha's fists bled as she punched trees and rocks and snapped off small twigs and stones in order to craft a few necessities.

She cooked food, built tools, prepared housing materials, and not once did she get a word of thanks.

"I didn't even mean to destroy the world," she muttered beneath her breath, and threw another leg of lamb upon the fire. "They don't even care that I got sent here in my underpants!"

Screenshot (675).png

The days passed by and still the people lounged about on the dock and forced Ellukha to do all the work. She had to kill the creatures and liberate their bones and leather and wool, and soon she managed to tailor a new set of clothes for herself.

It looked positively medieval -- she looked positively medieval. All the people upon the dock were sent here in their fancy clothes, and she had to scrabble together leather and wool and make her own damned clothes. It was so unfair.


While stocking up food, materials, and building supplies, Ellukha explored the hidden crevices of this new land and discovered a strange portal. A creepy whisper hissed out from the portal's gaping mouse.

"Ellukhaaaaa... you will find a trial inside the portal. Prove your worth and you may be rewarded."

That certainly sounded a lot better than gathering for the ingrates. Ellukha tossed back her purple locks and strode into the portal.

Screenshot (678).png

Inside the portal was a room made of stone bricks and adorned with many flaming torches. A woman stood by a door and smiled as Ellukha appeared.

"At last, you have found your first trial. If you complete these trials, the Gods will approve of you once more."

Desperate for the Gods' approval after allegedly destroying the world, Ellukha nodded and proceeded into the great room. The woman followed at her back.

"Your first task is to escape this room."

Ellukha looked around. There was nothing obvious in the area. She couldn't pull any magical torches. There were no hidden switches. She wasn't quite sure how to escape, until she looked up and saw the entrance to the next room. Up. It was waaaay up.

Screenshot (683).png

Rubbing her hands together, she prepared to climb.

And she had nearly made it to the entrance when a wave of fatigue washed over her and sent her falling back to the floor.

She tried again. And the same thing happened.

Screenshot (684).png

Evidently the great Gods did not want her to simply climb up into the next room. Apparently that would be too easy. She needed to use her brain and figure out another way into the room.

Ellukha sat down in the middle of the room and reclined against her backpack, then remembered all the wood she had gathered earlier.

She could make some hasty planks out of the wood and get into the room that way! Surely that would work.

Screenshot (685).png

At last clambering over the edge and into the doorway, Ellukha raced towards a great gleaming cube and stared in wonder at the treasure piled across the floor. There were coins, metal ingots, shards of ancient debris! It was wonderful.

"Behold, Ellukha Kael! You have completed the first trial. You are on the path towards your redemption."

Screenshot (689).png

Buoyed by a sudden rush of renewed hope, Ellukha bowed her head to the invisible owner of the great booming voice, gathered the treasure, and slowly emerged from the portal.

She needed to finish building the people their new homes, their new farms, stock their chests with plenty of food and drink to last them until they got on their own feet. She would even leave them some tools.

Standing before the newly growing fields of wheat, Ellukha furrowed a brow. Why did she get the feeling that she was leaving? Wasn't she supposed to be rebuilding civilisation on this new world? Why would she leave?


The days lingered on and on. Ellukha built more houses and created new farmland for the people, she explored the island and gathered so many resources she could barely carry them.

One day, she stumbled upon another whispering portal.

"Ellukhaaaaaaaa," the invisible voice hissed. "Enter, defeat the great golem, and you will be permitted to leave this island."

"Leave?" Ellukha briefly thought of the lazy people on the dock, the people who jeered at her every time she walked past, her back breaking beneath the weight of all the goods she carried, the people who didn't care that she was building them new homes, the people who would prefer to stay on the docks and ignore her. "But where will I go?"

"Wherever you like! There is more to this world than just this island. This island is your punishment; the world, your oyster," the voice chuckled. "So to speak."

And so Ellukha raced into the portal with her mighty bow and trusty sword and slayed the great golem within. She was done with this place.

Screenshot (697).png

With a skip in her step, she returned to the docks and waved a farewell to the jeering people.

"Enjoy your new homes," she smiled. "I'm outta here!"

"You can't leave," one of the people snapped. "You must serve us forevermore!"

"The Gods themselves have given me permission to leave. You will find all supplies necessary by the houses I've built and you've ignored. Farewell."

Screenshot (676).png

Without awaiting another word, Ellukha turned her back and headed for the transportation device the Gods had thoughtfully replaced the last portal with.

Screenshot (699).png

Three new lands had been allowed to her. She would one day visit them all, of course, but for the time being the land directly North of her looked quite nice. She would start the more pleasurable days of her new life there.

Screenshot (700).png

With a whir of bright white light and a dance of colourful swirls, Ellukha closed her eyes and embraced the vibrations in the air and when the sensation stopped she opened her eyes once more, and was greeted by soft sands, blue oceans, and rich ore as far as the eye could see... it was beautiful. And there were no glaring people in sight!

What appeared to be a merchant sat upon a rock in the distance and gave her a hearty wave. It was so nice to see a friendly face.

Yes, this new land would do nicely.

Here, she would begin building up their new civilisation.

Here, she would become founder of the new world and be revered, not shunned.

Here... she would live!


Until next time! 🌺



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Craftopia.


What cool anime graphics, it's interesting to see a survival style game in this form and graphic style, it has a bit of minecraft and Fortnite, looks pretty cool gameplay and the enemies are interesting.

 4 months ago 

It's pretty good!! I think I'd like it a bit more though if it was just one giant land mass instead of separate islands you can teleport to. It'd make building up a base so much more meaningful.

Game Pass has been coming out with some good ones lately. I saw this in the store last night and almost got it. I think I may end up giving it a try because it does look pretty good.

 4 months ago 

It is pretty good! There are a couple of things that bug me with it, but most of those seemed to be happening when I was trying it out on co-op; I had no issues on single-player.

My main issue with it overall is that you level up and advance way too quickly. I'm only on the second island of what looks like a good hundred, and I'm already in the third age and have the capabilities to build my very own motorbike.

Craftopia is a nifty attempt to combine the traditional sandbox, gacha elements and something similar to BotW.

 4 months ago 

It's funny: when I first saw your comment in Ginabot, it looked a lot different... 🤷‍♀

Craftopia is pretty nifty! Still needs a lot of work, but it's nifty. 🙂