Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 27/11/2021

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Hive Gaming Curation Report

Welcome to another installment of Hive Gaming Curation.

The NDS does not stop reviving, this time with a game that I did not know, a somewhat curious video game that has a rather curious and beautiful art, Project Rub. The game is based on funny and amusing mini-games with which you can pass the time. This game along with WarioWare can make your boring day a better day.

@rishahp tells us about his adventures in Dark Souls, a game he has been putting a lot of time into to the point of being quite good. Many bosses tend to be easy for him and he will soon show us about his next adventures. Do you think Dark Souls is hard?

Conquer Origins is an mmorpg game that I would have loved to have known before. It's a game with an old school style, it reminds me a lot of Tibia and at the same time Tales of Pirates, the inventory has a similar design and the description of the items too. Have you played it?

To culminate we have a post from @jotaunive, who tells us about his adventure in Fallout Shelter. The game seems curious to me, since I am in love with Fallout 3, this game being different calls my attention. As it is free, I might try it when I have some free time. Have you tried it? This and more can be found in the great content of these gamers!

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@mig1Project Rub: Everything to win a woman

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@rishahpDark Souls, the fall of Anor Londo (rhetorically speaking) // Dark Souls, la caida de Anor Londo (retoricamente hablando) (ENG/ESP)

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@maverickinvictusHere we go again: They are billions addiction

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@oblivioncubedConquer Origins - The Rebirth of Whiskeyjack

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@jotauniveA new post of this game starting in a new bunker, I hope I'm doing better now.

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Thanks for the summary, I will read through these posts today.

Dark souls es tan difícil, jugué a 1 y al 3 sufrí mucho pero se siente una gran satisfacción al lograr algo tan complicado. Además de que el entorno y los paisajes son tan desoladores que tienen cierta belleza retorcida

The DS for some was one of their best consoles, as it was for me and I would like to continue bringing their games so many remember the good times they had with her, the fallout shelter I found a good game and quite entertaining, sad that I deleted the game at that time :'(, Thanks for the support and mention <3