Forgotten video games of the NEO GEO

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The Neo Geo is one of the least known platforms in the field of games, because this system since its inception has always been quite expensive, being the only way in the past to enjoy their games in an accessible way is in arcades, only those who were willing to pay out of pocket a large sum of money could afford to enjoy a console of this category in their homes.

This eventually made many of its games were forgotten or undervalued, as not many had the opportunity to enjoy some exclusive titles of this great system, however, thanks to the emulation and excellent performance of these programs, you can play and enjoy an excellent experience of these titles of yesteryear.

Next, I will show you three video games of the Neo Geo which are a little unknown, personally I met them watching the catalog of games through an emulator, when I played them I realized that they were hidden gems which deserve to be played by many players.

It is worth noting that, to enjoy these wonderful video games, it is not necessary to have the huge arcade machine or the expensive NEO GEO console, on the internet we can easily locate many of the Roms and emulators of unsurpassed quality, if you are motivated to play some of them with a simple search you will find them easily.


One of my favorite genres are the Run and Gun, because we are constantly moving and shooting at everything that is shown on screen, Cyber-Lip is a perfect example of the above mentioned, we must simply move with agility and hit our shots at the enemies, very similar to the well-known NES or Arcade Contra. As a curious fact some of the developers of this game made the fabulous Metal Slug, for this reason there are very little similarities with these two games.

Robo Army

If you like Beat 'em up (or also known as Me vs. the Neighborhood) without a doubt you will like Robo Army, a game that at first glance seemed a bit like Ninja Warriors, however, when playing it I realized that it was a very original title, where we manage some cyber robots in order to stop an uncontrolled horde of robots (I liked to call the characters "Terminators"). The gameplay is a classic within its genre and very addictive, so you will surely be in front of the screen for several hours until you reach the grand finale, plus its cooperative mode is highly recommended.

Ninja Commando

Finally we have a game that I personally consider an addiction, because for me the Shooter have something that, once you start playing them, you can not stop until you finish it from start to finish, it is Ninja Commando, an excellent title full of frenetic gameplay and a rather peculiar style of controls, since you must make certain combinations to perform special moves and as a curious fact the more you press the attack button, this will increase its power, reaching a devastating level. If you have never played Ninja Commando I recommend it without hesitation.

These were some unknown games of the Neo Geo, if any of them caught your attention or if you want to recommend another one that is not in this small list you can indicate it in the comments section.

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These games I didn't know them, it would be nice to try them now that I'm playing the games of this console, good post mate.

100% recommended, each one of them has something magical that keeps you in front of the screen.

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