Brawlhalla Gameplay - Friendly 2 vs 2 with VAL!

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Welcome Guys!

Today in let's play Brawlhalla I want show you my plays with random in team. I played 2 vs 2 games and many times I was supposed to carry my team. Many times I was the best member of team and for me it was really easy task to win many games. I didn't played ranked games for 2 vs 2 for really long time, so when I play normal games so many times I just play with people who should be unranked too on 2 vs 2 like me. Of course it help me to practice combo in 2 vs 2 matchups, which definitely are fun to watch.

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How do you think, your skill in Brawlhalla is really awesome?
Or you just be read by me like this book about you?

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what do you think about teaching me to play this? Do you have time to show me how it's done?

 4 months ago 

We can play this night, when you will have time after work.