Going In The Heart Of Modern Civilisation i.e University | The Last Of Us Remastered

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Previously On TLOU

He asked for some resources to bring Ellie to the fireflies. The shelter was attacked and Joel became a volunteer to defend the place. In the aftermath, Tommy decided to consider it and would discuss it with the woman who ran the place, his wife. Joel’s sister-in-law gives permission on the condition that he keep Tommy out of trouble. Ellie seizes the opportunity and darts from the place and into the mountain.

This Episode

A full mountain ride on horseback. Joel and Tommy encounters perils along the way. They find the horse on a ranch, tied to a pillar.

Ellie and Joel was guided to a university/research facility by Tommy. Tommy bids adieu and Joel and Ellie move inside looking for Fireflies, the armed militia. Inside awaited more difficulty.

They find a recording by that a researcher that there was no sign of a firefly. They retired to Saint Mary’s Hospital at Salt Lake City. Then the onslaught of enemies begin. They did escape the place but not unscathed. Joel took heft damage and Ellie was only but a teenager yet she delivered him to safety.

Weeks later, she headed out to hunt for food. She finishes a rabbit with a clean stroke from the arrow, she sees another big creature and aims for that.

Enjoy the gameplay!


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