Ghost Recon Wildlands | Delivering Food Supplies | Blowing Up Drug Wares | First stage To Bring Down Ocoro

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Hello guys hope all of you are doing good.


Prior to this mission I tried to infiltrate a military camp but failed miserably.


Mountainous regions usually have the most wet climates. Piloting a huge heli amid such extreme climate is a work of the daring. Who would want to leave the peaceful life at home and take up weapon and fight for a foreign country where if you die, your own country would deny your existence to them.


Got another skill point. The grind is still on while also completing missions.


Tagged another comms unit truck for the rebels.


Upgraded the Stable aim to the max, sniper shots are my money shots!


Upgraded the drone, stealth is activated so it makes ever so less noise and have thermal vision activated. Both are crucial for night time fights.


Got the slippery assistant of El Emissario, the holder of the storage of the coca wares. He was kind enough to share the pass code to the vault of coca.


Blasted wares containing coca, a huge blow to the retailing sector of the cartel.

Enjoy the gameplay.