Cryptobrewmaster: Week 3 started

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I do recognize that the game developers asked not to consider the game as an investment, but this chain is decentralized, so I will follow my own path! (not financial advice)

Week 1 balance 16599 CBM
Week 2 balance - 16746 CBM
Last week I bought my stake and fixed 66628 CBM
Week 3 balance - 66968 CBM + some beer to trade and get myself to the Wholesaler rating... we will see...

Hive Rewards this week:
15 HIVE - for stacking
4 Hive for the Top Brewery
3 Hive for a Beer Drinker

@cryptobrewmaster rewards bot glitch

Tonight @cryptobrewmaster's reward bot glitched and send all the liquid Hive that was on the balance to the winners several times.

I decided to decline my rewards to compensate those who will not give the Hive back to the CBM team.


I still have some cards rewards, lets see what's there

Stacking (Sunday Wealthy Brewmaster)




Beer Drinker #11


Top Brewery #6


Not much good cards, so I will buy some packs to participate in the Top events this week!

Will keep you inform on Wednesday how my stake goes!


Supporting @cryptobrewmaster as my Witness


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Got your point yes I had buy @cbm alot