The value of my Splinterlands card collection went above $880 USD! (2021.10.19)

in Splinterlandslast month (edited)

Yes. More than $880 USD. The title of this post is not a typo.
This is crazy. More than $880 USD.

The current value of my Splinterlands card collection is $881.76 USD.

Imagine seeing this as someone with a total income of approximately $470 USD per month from Hungary, living with multiple disabilities under the minimum wage, which would be approximately $550 USD per month.

Well, this would be me. Imagine the happiness I feel right now.
And maybe I am also crazy (not just/only the current situation), but I am not selling any of my cards. I keep playing the game. Because it is fun to play, and the value of my card collection will probably keep increasing, seeing literally the thousands of new Splinterlands players every day.

And I would also like to mention the current value of my SPS collection.

I currently have 220.927 SPS, which currently worth $190.04 USD (1 SPS is currently worth $0.86 USD).

The two (my card collection + my SPS collection) combined is $1071.80 USD.

By the way, I am also not selling my SPS either. I am staking it all.




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That's awesome! I'm happy for you.

Thank you. Splinterlands is a huge success to everyone.

I give you some !PIZZA.

Have a nice day. All the best.

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Congrats dude, been loving seeing stories like this.

Needless to say I can relate.

Thank you.

I see that nowadays you are around Gold and Diamond. Congratulations for that.

Nowadays I am in Bronze, and I cannot even go into Silver, because my card pack is not strong enough, but I am still very happy, and I am enjoying the game very much.

I give you some !PIZZA.

Have a nice day. All the best.

That is an uplifting story, my friend. Keep playing and hodling and in a couple of years (or months?) you can live off Splinterlands, if all goes well. I wish you all the best for this endeavor.

and in a couple of years (or months?) you can live off Splinterlands

That would be amazing. I hope and I wish the best for everyone.
I give you some !PIZZA.

Have a nice day. All the best.

Thank you :o)

Congratulations! Going from a $10 starter deck to what you have accumulated from playing is awesome! Hope you’re able to live off your Splinterlands earnings someday! !PIZZA

Living off Splinterlands is something that I definitely have not even thought about until I wrote this post. @freedomprepper also wished this to me, so there are certainly people out there, who are aiming to make a living with Splinterlands.

Thank you for the support.
I give you another !PIZZA.

Have a nice day. All the best.


Thank you. Splinterlands is nowadays a huge success for every player.
I give you some !PIZZA.
Have a nice day. All the best.