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Hi everyone, Welcome to my post regarding the "SHARE YOUR BATTLE" Challenge. For this week's challenge, I'll be sharing my battles using Earth Splinter. But before going to the main discussion.........


Ruleset for this time is MELEE MAYHEM with 28 mana. MELEE MAYHEM is a situation where Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.

My strategy this time, I use THORN obtained from Mylor Crowling (to fight MELEE MAYHEM Ruleset) and use 3 SNEAK monsters to defeat the monster in the rear position first.


My Line-Up

Give THORN ability to All AlliesWith the MELEE MAYHEM Ruleset, it's very likely that the Monster that the opponent will bring to the Battle Arena is a Melee Monster.

With me choosing Mylor Crowling as the summoner, all of my monsters can at least counterattack to The opponent's Melee Monster with THORN Ability.
Reflect (Lv1)As a "sacrificed pawn" at once to be on guard when an opponent brings a Magic Monster to the Battle Arena. ReflectThe ability he has can attack back the previous Magic monster Failed Summoner.
Reflect (Lv1)Just like Failed Summoner who REFLECT ability, Minotaur Warlord is in charge of replacing Failed Summoner to counter attack Magic Monster if he loses first.

The reason I put Minotaur Warlord behind Failed Summoner is because I don't want Minotaur Warlord to take damage at the start of the battle. And with the MELEE MAYHEM Ruleset, Minotaur Warlord can attack any position.
Protect (Lv1)Gives an additional 2 ARMOR to all my Monsters, This can make the monsters last a little longer when under attack from Melee or Range Monsters.
Sneak (Lv1)Focuses attacks on the monsters that are in the rear position.
Sneak (Lv1)Focuses attacks on the monsters that are in the rear position.
Sneak + Scavenger (Lv1)Focuses attacks on the monsters that are in the rear position. I put Iza the Fanged at the back so she can concentrate on collecting more Health Points from the fallen monsters in the Battle Arena.




The opponent chooses to use Tarsa (Give 1 Additional Healh point to All Allies Monsters and 1 Additional Attack Point to All Allies Melee Monsters) to use in this battle (as I suspected). He also puts 1 pawn that was sacrificed in first place (just like I did)

After all abilities are applied.....


Tarsa's Ability gives additional 1 Attack point to all opposing Melee Monsters and 1 Additional Health Point to All opposing Monsters. Additional abilities from monsters are reduced by 1 Attack Point to All My Melee Monsters by Disintegrator.

Mylor Crowling's Ability gives an additional ability in the form of THORN to all my monsters. Additional abilities from Monsters in the form of adding 2 ARMOR to all my monsters given by Queen Mycelia.


In round 1, Minotaur Warlord managed to defeat Radiated Scorcher in one hit. Then my 3 SNEAK monsters (Iza the Fanged, Goblin Sorcerer, Goblin Thief) attacked Tenyii Striker who was in last position and left 4 health points.

My last attack in this round was done by Queen Mycelia to Living Lava who is now in first place to replace the fallen Radiated Scorcher.

The first attack launched by the opponent was carried out by Serpentine Spy to Goblin Sorcerer. But his attack only destroyed GoblinSorcerer's ARMOR and it activated THORN which made Serpentine Spy lose. The next attack was launched by Tenyii Striker at Iza the Fanged and destroyed his ARMOR. Tenyii Striker is affected by THORN and makes him lose 2 Health Points.

The opponent's last attack in this round is done by Living Lava and Disintegrator to Failed Summoner. They were also hit by THORN after attacking Failed Summoner.


In round 2, Iza the Fanged and Goblin Sorcerer managed to defeat Tenyii Striker, then Goblin Thief attacked Chaos Agent who is now in the top position. behind. Minotaur Warlord and Queen Mycelia attack Living Lava.

On the other side, Disintegrator managed to defeat Failed Summoner then continued with Living Lava attack which destroyed Minotaur Warlord's ARMOR. However they got hit by THORN again after attacking my monster.



In round 3, Iza the Fanged defeated Chaos Agent, then Goblin Sorcerer and Goblin Thief attacked Disintegrator who was now in the last position . Minotaur Warlord and Queen Mycelia attacked Living Lava and now he only has 1 Health Point.

Living Lava attacked Minotaur Warlord but he was hit by THORN and lost, while the attack from Disintegrator failed to hit Minotaur Warlord but he escaped of THORN (because the attack missed).

Disintegrator lost in round 4 to an attack from Iza the Fanged and Minotaur Warlord.

To see the full battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

Yes, my strategy worked this time. I also felt lucky that the opponent didn't use the dominant Life Element with his Range Monsters against me. If the opponent uses it, there is a chance that I will lose because I don't bring a monster that has SHIELD or HEADWINDS.

For the next strategy I will not change the monsters of my choice or change their position.

Do you like This Formation?

Yes, this formation is one of my favorite formations. With the THORN of Mylor Crowling and the addition of ARMOR of Queen Mycelia, my monsters can last longer against opponents who focus on increasing the attack of their Melee Monsters.


That was the battle I shared in SHARE YOUR BATTLE this week. Even though the strength seems to be unbalanced between the opposing side and me, I need this so that I can complete daily missions faster and increase my rank.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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Great post and great battle! Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

the perfect summoner for the perfect rule, I love it.

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