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Sorry I have a bit of a cold so started to cough a bit. I give you a pretty quick breakdown of what I plan to do with my Vouchers. I hope you at least watch that part and sorry for making a video when I was sick but I wanted to get this out. If you can deal with me coughing a little you can watch me get my season rewards and talk about the SPT NFTS also.

0:00 Intro
1:14 When to Buy Vouchers
2:40 Chaos Presale Post Break Down
4:40 Voucher Price Action Explained*
6:12 Account 1 Rewards
7:00 Drazeus account update. More Giveaways?
7:40 Account 2 Rewards
8:30 Main Account Rewards
10:42 Splinterlands NFTs on Splinterlandtalk.io
12:50 END

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Now for the giveaway. All you have to do to enter is watch the video at least a bit and tell me what you think. Would be nice if you could sub to my youtube if you haven't yet just to grow it. Now I have 3 winners from my last Post with a giveaway took a few weeks off just been busy and then sick so to make up for it did some extra winners. Sorry I forgot to take a screenshot of @aussieninja

2021-10-17 14_51_37-Window.png
2021-10-17 14_52_04-Window.png

2021-10-17 14_53_08-Window.png

Congrats to @aussieninja @joyoyo and @silentwill


I didn't expect the new packs to be this difficult to get during pre-sale. My first pack to buy though. I got into the game and the untamed and dice were already sold out. I thought my 400SPS was worth buying 😂. I'll unstake it now since I'm only going to get like 3 vouchers at the end. I'd rather have those SPS converted to DEC for more SPS Airdrops 😁 hopefully that's worth doing. I'd rather take advantage of the drops since it's only for a year. What do you think?

Received my prize. Thanks so much! Chaos Legion is almost here! Get well soon!

I always love to get your take on Splinterlands stuff!

its been a while sir! thank you for the dec i just received.. and again im happy to watch your new video. more power

That's so amazing! Thank you so much!!

ugh, damn your Dodgers...you took down my second favorite NL team

If vouchers get on Atomic, I can't wait to see what happens in terms of market value. I don't have much SPS staked, but looking forward to at least getting 1 a day

hi, really liked your video about bots, i started 2 months ago, and i didnt had much to invest and start with, but ive been grinding, and from 1 account, managed to buy 3 more spell books and decided to bot 2 of these accs since i dont really play much on them, i just use them to get end of season rewards :)
followed you also on youtube :)
would love to be part of the giveaways :)
love and respect all the way from portugal to you Steve


Thanks for your great videos!!

Wonderful job! Please get well soon! Good luck with the voucher drop! You've been manually curated by 1UP! from rosiew.

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Thanks for your video. As a brand new Splinterlands player and Hive user, with less than 2 weeks under my belt, just the tip about using the SPT tag alone was more than worth my time. Feel better and thanks again.

Hope you feel better!

get well sir

It's going to be extremely expensive to get that title!

Nice to see SPT getting use case other than adding points to SPS airdrops.

are bots 100% safe ?

Splinterlands is doing some very innovative initiatives in the P2E ecosystem. Some of those are accessible to all players with at least the passport and some are not really.
At this rate, I might get one voucher during this presale period but still think it's good to keep testing the limits of the game and the market in general.

Take care and get better Steve.

get well soon..love your works..thank you..

Get well soon. Good luck with getting the 1k packs.

Thanks for the great content and I hope you get your target for Chaos packs and feel better soon! Congrats on the legendary in your quest!

Thanks for your information!
I will not have enough vouchers to buy 50 packs, maybe buy a NFT 😀

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Nice video, hope you feel better!


one things.... Consider repositioning your camera...so show your full face

I would love to contact you through discord!

Love the video man, it's always good to hear your opinion about the current situation in SL. Keep up the good work!

Hopefully you feel better now, count me in! IGN: captain-barabosa