My Thoughts On The New Ranked Rewards

in Splinterlands2 months ago

This is EPIC. Then changes are so amazing for those of us that own cards. And yes they take away a lot from the bots that down own cars. I think the Rental market is going to get hot again. All of us can now earn 30 Chest and Day and 150 Chest a season. Never open 1 or 2 chests again in this game. And credits are gone from the rewards. Rejoice at the new age of Splinderlands Rewards.

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I;m pretty pumped to see them two more weeks to go but it sounds solid from how they explained it.

Very good to hear this. I am on the edge of stop playing Splinterlands because of the lack of real rewards. Hopefully the new reward system will be better, and hopefully it will make Splinterlands great again, including giving real rewards to players even in the lower leagues, instead of punishing them.

The actualy number of chest will be much lower due to ecr. You won't be able to grind that much everyday. They had to set max but I don't see anyone getting close to that. It's mostly a flashy number to get people excited. I'm still unsure if I aggree with GF and old cards giving more shares. But yeah overall the change feels ok. It feels like we're going back to a play and own to earn game, with a bigger emphasis on the owning part. I'm fine with that.

I feel like it's only addressing part of the this. Bots owners can still run their bot. It might reduce their profitability but if they are still profitable, they'll stay. They already have spellbooks. But it's good at disincentivizing new bots from joining.

If you're able to get 10x chests daily, that's a boatload of potential cards (over a year period) not even considering seasonal rewards. New players purchasing just a spellbook are likely to see $$ value on their $10 investment. A new age indeed. I've felt for some months now that Splinterlands was no longer P2E, but perhaps we can recapture that title again. Good video/insights. Thanks Steve.