Buying Chaos Legion Card Packs - My Strategy Updated.

in Splinterlands2 months ago

I have now purchased 200 card packs that I am holding on to.
In all, so far, I have made 507 purchases through Splinterlands (opening many of the cards, selling and re-investing in packs.) This should secure me a great chance of getting an airdrop or two and moving forward I intend to buy more packs with the goal of having a total of 500 card packs by the time they have sold out. My guestimate is that it is going to be approximately 2 years before this happens. At face value this is $4 x 500 = $2000.00 Should the cards go to $10 per pack after they have sold out, it will give me a ROI of $5000.00 and should they reach the heady heights of $40.00 per card pack that would give me $20,000 (Taking into consideration the initial outlay of a maximum of $2000.00 would mean $18,000 profit.) If I base that over 3 years, that is a profit of $6000 a year, or $500 a month however you want to look at it.

There is no guarantee that this will happen but worth the risk in my opinion.

I am also picking up card packs off Hive Engine at below Face Value, so this increases profit potential and at the very worst, I will have a lot of packs to open to build a strong deck.

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