100 FREE AXIE Infinity Hardfork Token BXIE as that possible Splinterland can be hardfork?

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Hi Splinterlands lover

Today I got free 1 NFT and 100 Free token of Bxie Infinity which they are saying it is a harfork of Axie Infinity.

Is that Possible after sometime anybody can make hardfork of splinterland.
Here they are selling similar NFt at very cheap price if this happen splinterlands cards will also become very cheap. We have to be curious for that and think in such manner it should not happen in future but anyway as customer we are getting free 100 token as Airdrop so soon join it and earn free token as Axie infinity token is very costly so I expect atleast this token will be 1$ after presale finished


*Sign up Now: https://www.bxieinfinity.com/airdrop?r=9qycz5


*Step -1 How to join Sign up through with given link

*Step-2 Connect wallet with binance smartchain using Metamask

*Step-3 Register and fill your email

Your reward will get you 1 NFT and 100 BXS token


join splinterlands https://steemmonsters.com?ref=sanjeev021