splinterlands daily swearfest - day 11 - finish garbage life quest

in Splinterlands2 months ago

starting points 2286 - ending points 2243 (getting fucked - again and again and again)

picking up where i left offf - still fucking losing

there's another 3 in a row fucking pissed away into nothingnesss - i'll be back into gold 3 in no fcuking time at this rate

absolutely fucking horrible - i was almost up to gold 1 - now i'm just totally getting fucked

got a lucky streak vs 3 rounds of level 1's

only 1 match left to finish the daily - annddddddd it's right fucking back to the goddamm level 8's - MOTHERFUCKER !@#$%!@#$%!@#4%

annndnddddd got FUCKED IN THE ASS FOR ANOTHER FUCKING 3 in row FUCKED UP LOSING STREAK - day 3 of getting fucked in the splinterlands

4 in row lost - fucking all gold cards - BULSHIT !@#$!@#$%!@#$%

godfuckingdammit - nothing like having a decent run totally fucking destoyed right at the end of the season

omfg - nothing like fucking losing to all levle 1's - FUCKING BULLSHIT !@#$%!@#$%

goddammfuckingmotherfuckercocksuckerbullshit - fucked out of 200 points all the way backinto fucking gold 3 - ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT !@#$%

it happens EVRY FUCKING TIME I ONLY NEED 1 MATCH TO FINISH THE DAILY - a fucking horrible garbage fucking shitty losing streak - unfuckingbelieveable

another shitty day of going backwards

another day of shitty worthless rewards

*(this account is for entertainment purposes only - please consult a mental health professional if you consider taking any of this seriously)