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Hello and Namaste Everyone,

Greetings for the day and weekend.

This is the eve of Independence day in India and indeed a special day for Indians. It's time to enjoy the day together and celebrate freedom with the nation.

As usual, this weekend was good I also got enough time to play the game and I even tried to explore another part in the game. This s rental and I saw many posts in which people are talking about card rental and as per them, it's a profitable option. I can't say anything as of now as I am yet to explore more of this and this is why I am trying to see how it works and if is this a worthy option. I continue to upgrade my cards and this way I also increase my collection power. Because the game reward system is linked with the collection power which means the high collection power we can earn more rewards.


If we are playing in a higher league then we can unlock the higher reward as well and that is something everyone wants here. Some people play to focus on the lower league because there is less competition as compared to the upper league and This is why this sounds like a good idea. Obviously, people try their ways to make it more rewarding but ultimately the game itself is so much fun and through these strategies, we can surely add more value to our rewards. Sometimes playing daily battle is not possible because of a busy schedule and that's when this renting can be a good idea. There are many surprises in the game and I think that we can also try a different ways to make the game and even we can explore multiple opportunities within the game ecosystem.

This is my battle share post for the week and mostly I try to publish it over the weekend because I get more time on the weekend so I am here to do the same.

This week's theme card is from the dragon so I have chosen the dragon summoner but my post is for one of the earth monsters called Brownie. I have been playing with this card for a long and it's a very nice card in the game and also costs just one mana.


Before we move forward now Let's also try to see the statistic for Soul Strangler. This is a monster in the death monster and it's a completely new card too and this is why I have not done the best of battles with this card yet. It's an important part of the game that is needed to know more about any card (both types) and this helps to make the game better and more fun. This card comes for 3 mana cost and has NO abilities from level 1 but gets poison in level 8.



  • Harvester
  • Brownie
  • Battering Ram
  • Creeping ooze
  • Furious Chicken
  • Wood Nymph

It's a monster on earth team and I don't use this card a lot because I think that there are many cards better than this one. Although I don't use it frequently but I still play sometimes like I did in this battle and it did nice.



If you are playing a battle with low mana then it must pick and since this card also had the ability to increase the speed of other monsters. It's a kind of expensive card but I like the card and even with the equalizer battle theme I mostly pick the cards as it attacks faster because of the higher speed.


Battering Ram

Battering Ram is a very good card with 2 mana cost and I prefer to use it too for low-cost mana battles and because of its opportunity ability. Because of this ability, it can attack from any position and also a melee monster card.


Creeping ooze

This is another tiny card in neutral monsters and a good card to have for low mana battles. It has got the slow ability and because of this I try to have it in some battle. Picking this card in this battle is a good idea.


Furious Chicken

It is the only card with zero mana cost but now there are a few more added recently however this is still a good choice. It works great when battle mana is low and we can pick for no mana cost. When I get a low mana battle and have the option to pick neutral then the chicken is certainly part of it. I got low mana so I decided to pick it and place it in front. It's a card that can save others from the single attached and the same happened in this battle. It's one of the cards that every player in the game must have to make the gaming experience awesome.

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph is one of my favorite cards because of its healing ability and I mostly use this card when I play with earth monsters and for low mand and high mana battles both. This is a level 1 card but surely worth having in the account and makes better gaming.



Battle Details

This is the direct link to my battle which will take you to my battle-




Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Whatever strategy I planned for this battle in the game went pretty well and this is why I could win the battle. It's not a new card to me so I try various ways to play with this one.

Do you use the Soul Strangler card often? Why or why not?

Brownie is an epic monster card in the reward edition of print in the game. This is a single mana card and gets 2 abilities on different levels and the card price is also not less. I will use this card in my future battles and even plan to upgrade it soon.

This is the official battle challenge post for Splinterlands Weekly Battle Share Challenge. If you like the challenge and want to make a post then you can also participate and share it with more people about it.

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Have a great time and Battle is ON! in the game and even on the COVID time
Namaste from India
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