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Hello Splinters
It's always wonderful to be able to share battles played for the week. Share your battle challenge gives the opportunity to communicate with other splinterlands players and know how they are fairing. The challenge is not a limited one, anyone with an interest in the game can take part. For the challenge of this week, the theme is the dragon splinters and as I can attest, these splinters are wonderful.

You can make your entry to the share your battle challenge but first, do visit the announcement post for the guidelines as stated in there.


Splinterlands has varieties of cards, each belonging to a particular element. The elements found in splinterlands are Earth, Fire, Water, Life, Death, and of course Dragon. Of the whole elements that exist in the splinterlands deck, Dragon Summoners are the only ones that can summon cards from other elements. Other elements summoners on the other hand can't summon dragon cards. This makes the Dragon splinters very unique and much dangerous in the battlefield.

In the splinterlands dragon deck is over 40 unique cards filled with different abilities useful for battles. As a matter of fact, the dragon deck is the house of abilities as there is hardly a card in there without a special ability.

The Battle

Game Rules
Set RuleBroken Arrows: Ranged Attack Monster may not be used in battles
Mana Cap99
Elements AvailableWater, Earth, Life, and Dragon

Watch Battle Here

Battle Team

DELWYN DRAGONSCALE (Summoner): I don't own this card. For the purpose of battling with dragon element, I had to rent level 2 of this summoner to enable it bring to battle my other cards of higher level. Even though I ended up using level one cards all through. Delwyn is a great summoner when the strategy is aimed at magic monsters. It increases magic damage and also has moderate mana which gives room for other monsters.

DJINN CHWALA (Defense): A dragon class monster and the only melee in the battle. The best position for its efficacy is the front role. Bringing to the battlefield 2 melee damage, 2 battling speed, 9 health, 5 shields, and thorn as special ability, Chwala occupied the defense position and was very efficient till its elimination in the fourth round. Battling at a higher level, Chwala utilizes three strong abilities, thorn, enrage, and true strike.

GOLD DRAGON: The fire-spitting dragon, came into the battlefield with 3 magic damage. 2 which is its default damage, and 1 which came as a result of the summoner's enhancement. This card is incredible, offering 3 magic damage and at the same time possesses high health and high speed as shown above. Also, has the flying ability which means higher chances of evading a melee attack.

GLORIDAX MAGUS: The magic strategy continued with the introduction of GLORIDAX. A monster whose 1 magic damage was enhanced to 2 by the summoner, and whose blast ability affected badly the monster adjacent to its target. Also, on its stat sheet is a 2 battling speed, and 6 health.

DJINN RENOVA: This is the only monster used in the battle that doesn't belong to the dragon element but life. Renova is also another monster with a great contribution to the battle. Battling with 3 magic damage ( 2 default, 1 from summoner), Renova with its strengthen ability, gave plus one health to all friendly monsters. More on its stat is 2 speed and 6 health.

SERPENTINE MYSTIC: Back to using dragon, Serpentine Mystic battled with 2 magic damage, 4 health, and 1 speed. Mystic affect opponent monsters targeted with affliction, which made them unable to be healed. Mystic was among the four cards that saw the end of the battle unharmed.

DRAGON WHELP: Positioned at the back is Whelp. The reason being that its flying ability will help evade melee attacks which we can see was achieved in the battle. Whelp just like most monsters, battled with 2 magic damage and got eliminated in the fifth round.

The Arising Questions

  1. Did My Strategy Work? "Seeing they say is believing". From the outcome of the battle, it is quite obvious that my strategy worked very well. The idea was to win with magic which brought about the using a summoner with magic enhancement ability.

  2. What do I Think about the dragons? If permitted to generalize, I would say that all splinterlands players love the dragons. As rightly pointed out previously, dragon decks are home to abilities. In there, you can find many cards that will deliver your expectation on the battlefield.

I'd believe my dragon post was able to make an impact. For now, I'm hitting the pause button here for this week. I'd hope to see you next week when I hit resume with another theme

Thanks for your time.


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