Splinterlands Daily Card Opening : 24-11-2022

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Hi there,

This is a report on splinterlands gaming for today, November 24, 2022.

It is daily report on my daily quest and the status of SPS staking and earning.

Game play report

There is still 6 more days to climb up to higher rank. I am now at SILVER III rank in WILD league. As getting more focus chests, it takes a long fight to get more, as I do not have much time to play now and today I get 1 chest.

I will get 4 season chests if I am at current rank.

Get some reward from Brawl fight ...

Not bad, it is 3 staked SPS.

Today reward, get 1 card.

SPS Staking and Earning

I am now staking of 2,244.728 SPS and will continue until 3000 SPS, this is my current GOAL.

For staked rewards, I get 0.195 of vouchers and 2.409 of SPS.

That's all ...


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