Unbelievable battle: Lava Spider is my lucky charm

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Here I am again to take on the @splinterlands @play2earn share your battle weekly challenge! This one was one of the most interesting matches I have ever played, I was watching a youtube video while queuing for battle and only had 20 seconds to assemble the team. Not my proudest strategy but it delivered a miraculous win!

Lava Spider review

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It is a low-cost version of the fire beetle, a little weaker but it has the snare ability from level 6 onwards. One of the worst abilities in the game since it is only useful if you're playing versus a flying type and the only thing it does is reduce the missing chance after the enemy is snared.

Best rulesets: Explosive Weaponry, Earthquake, Little League.

Blast on any monster with snipe ability is overpowered since you have a chance to hit 3 monsters under the right conditions.
The snare ability can make your opponents weak ranged flying types vulnerable to the earthquake damage which can really catch them off guard. You should make sure to have at least 5 HP on Lava spider before playing it on an earthquake matchup.
Little league is also nice since most enemies will have low health and you can quickly snipe low health ranged opponents.

My insane battle

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Here is the Battle Link!
Ruleset: Equal Opportunity
Manacap: 34

As I told you before I had 20 seconds to assemble the team so I grabbed the Molten Ogre to demoralize any melee monsters and the Serpent of the flame.

I filled the rest of the team with the Goblin Shaman and two additional fast monsters to try to knock down some enemies before they even get a chance to strike my team! At the last second, I threw the lava spider in there to soak some damage.

My opponent was rocking max-level summoner and monsters except for a couple of them. I took one look at the battlefield and assumed I was done for... NO WAY I COULD WIN so I skipped the match animations and saw this beautiful screen.

Screenshot 2022-02-09 at 14.23.32.png

In complete disbelief, I clicked replay and proceeded to see my team dodge 9 enemy attacks! I had a big speed advantage but never did I expect to dodge their attacks so many times in a row!

It doesn't happen often but every now and then luck matters more than strategy or level. Missing once can turn the tide of a game, missing 9 times is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Thank you hit/miss algorithm for the free 22.707 DEC!


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