Twilight Basilisk - Reach Stun Damage Shield what else could you ask for?

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Dragon cards are awesome! It's time to talk about the Twilight Basilisk one of the Chaos Legion reward cards. Impressive to see how cheaply people are willing to sell them on the market, I'm counting on this card becoming way more valuable once the printing ends. It is one of those reward cards that I'm not willing to sell for such low prices, no matter how many copies I receive from the reward chests.

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Good stats all around, it works best with Daria Dragonscale for the +1 melee damage. Great pick when you need a cheap secondary tank to hold the front line for a little bit longer while providing great support with the stun ability. It is great at countering healing tanks or high attack front lines.


Heavy Hitters - Any card with the stun ability is very useful in this ruleset. Allowing your team to almost instantly knock out any stunned enemy.

Little League - A great pick for little league matches with a high mana cap. Great stats compared to other low mana monsters.

Lost Magic & Weak Magic - Make that 1 shield especially useful, tanking any attack as long as the enemy doesn't have the piercing ability.


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Ruleset: Reverse Speed and Lost Legendaries
Mana Cap: 15
Battle Link

I love reverse speed, mainly because I get to play the Leech Stitch which becomes an absolute menace in this ruleset. Unfortunately, my opponent decided to play with Tyrus Paladium, so all my Leech attacks will land on a shield first, not allowing it to steal hp.

Round 1

Nothing much just a simple furious chicken trade

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Round 2

Another enemy down and my Stitch Leech managed to dodge an attack. Basilisk will just hit his front line until it dies to the thorns damage.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 19.32.44.png

Round 3 & 4

Finally managed to wipe out all the damage dealers and now I have to deal with the tank with thorns. I still have my frontline and my Stitch is healthy enough to keep healing the thorn damage.

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 19.39.10.png

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 19.43.33.png

I manage to get the win with my last remaining attack. The only thing left standing was my Leech with 1 health point left, what a close call. The Twilight Basilisk was completely useless during this battle since the opponent kept regenerating shield and dealing back damage with the thorns ability. I decided to share this battle either way since it was such a close one.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice