Splinterlands Giveaway - Finally made it to 10K SPS staked!

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Giveaway - Lava Launcher.png

It's been a long time since my last giveaway but I'm back now! Expect the giveaways to go back to the usual schedule of every Monday.

274 days have gone by since the beginning of the airdrop and I have been slowly staking more and more SPS. In the beginning, I was selling 50% of the airdrop and staking the remaining 50% but ever since the price dropped below 25 cents I shifted to staking 100% of the airdrop.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 22.37.58.png

Reaching 10K SPS was one of my main goals for this year and it feels great to accomplish it so early in the year. From now on I will stake 100 SPS every Monday and hold the rest while I wait for a good selling opportunity, I refuse to sell SPS for less than 20 cents!

Passive income is always my end goal, the 10K SPS staked are yielding around $280 per year at current prices but I'm confident that the price of SPS will keep increasing as more and more utility keeps being added up for the token.

⚔️ The rules:

  • Upvote / Follow or Re-post is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.
  • You just have to comment. If you use a different username on Splinterlands please mention the account where you want to receive the cards.
  • Only one comment per person

The winner will be picked by a randomizer and will be announced on next week's giveaway post every Monday.

⚔️ Cards for this week:

Lava Launcher.png

I'm restarting the cycle!
Cards will rotate splinter every week, Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Life -> Death -> Dragon -> Neutral. This week if you win you will receive one Lava Launcher.

⚔️ Last week's winner:

I'm currently using this tool to randomly pick one comment to win the giveaway.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 22.33.47.png

@asrullpare was the lucky winner from the last giveaway one month ago! Sorry for the delay I will send your undead Rex right away!

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Count me in.
IGN: @vaynard86
!Gif wow

I want to take part in your giveaway.

Other than that congratulations on your 10k staked SPS.

Will the staking remain though when the airdrops finish? Also i notice that the APR is decreasing day by day.

!gif congratulations

Count me in! Thank you for the giveaway!
IGN: @xheadhunterz
!Gif good luck

@xheadhunterz, sorry! You need more $LUV to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 10.0 LUV in your liquid wallet.

More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Count @drnoobpro in!

Gratz btw!!!

!gif happytimes

Great!, Count me in, thanks, have a nice day.

IGN: @caimanx

I want in!

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Thanks for the chance


joining the giveway

Count me in

Count me in @rtonline

Good luck everyone

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thanks alot sir
I want to join again

Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


congrats to the last winner count me in please @ericburgoyne

10K SPS is as well my personal target but for the moment i am just at 3.4K...
PS: I know that one day i will smile of happiness because of this game!

Count me in please! @lorddiablo

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Congratulations for this great milestone! I wish I would have that many SPS! Congrats!!! Have some !PIZZA, !PGM !HBIT, !LUV, !LOLZ to celebrate! I would like to enter the giveaway! Thank you!

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count me in @jfang003

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Thanks for the giveaway!

I want to participate @yeckingo1

Are you still feeling comfortable that prices will pick up? I have a feeling this Bull Run is dead... just not yet buried.

count me in



Welcome back in full strength! @jdike

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

thanks! @cjames-40

Count me in

Wow!! Laval Launcher!! Hope I win it. :D

count me in
IGN: @amaillo-m
!Gif dancing-8bits

Thanks! @relf87


I'm in!


Count me in, thanks

for great justice

count me please. @gidien tnks

Thanks for sharing! - Underlock#8573

Accumulating SPS is a great strategy!

Count me in. Thank you.