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Carrion Shade review

1 Mana cost cards are quite unique, they don't get used a lot since they only come in handy when you have a low mana cap match with a specific ruleset where you can make good use of it. However, given the right circumstances, they shine like no other.

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Best Rule sets: Earthquake, Equaliser, Equal Opportunity, Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak.

Carrion will be mostly used in low mana cap games as a front liner that can deliver an attack and try to dodge some enemy fire to allow the rest of your team to finish the match. In some rulesets like Melee Mayhem and Super sneak, you can put him in the middle of the roster and he will put in some chip damage for you.

All around it isn't a great card but it can also be used as a sacrificial card when you are done building your team and you still have 1 mana left to spend just throw it in there to tank one additional hit.

The Battle

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Mana Cap: 17
Ruleset: Holy Protection, Taking Sides
Battle link

It was a very interesting battle, I love battling over-leveled enemies and coming out on top by using superior tactics. First glance at the battlefield and I was pretty sure I had this one in the bag.

Whenever I see a low mana cap match with holy protection the first thing I think about is the Slimeball + Undead priest combo. It is a great way to either knock all their protection at once or pick up a kill that my other cards already took the holy protection off of.

I have my Carrion Shade under-leveled but since I had one mana left and a free spot on the team he came along to soak to enemy hits while the sneak and opportunity abilities on the rest of the team take care of the enemy backline.

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At the beginning of round 3, my champion Carrion Shade falls knowing that his job is done. He held the line long enough for his teammates to finish up the match and bring it home. The sacrifice won't be forgotten and the victory wouldn't be possible without him. Two speedy strikes from my sneaky attackers avenged the fallen teammate.

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To show some appreciation for the Carrion Shade work on that match I decided to spend some DEC and level it up so that he can finally spread his wings and learn the Fly ability.


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