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This week's Splinterlands share your battle theme is about dragons overall. Since I already wrote a post about the Chaos Dragon and Daria Dragonscale it is time to talk about the Gloridax Soldier! One of the best reward cards from a previous series.

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Gloridax abilities are amazing when fighting against a team that relies mostly on physical damage. The shield ability + flying makes this beast very hard to knock out.
On top of being an amazing frontline, Gloridax also hits quite well if you combo it with Daria Dragonscale +1 melee damage.

Best rulesets

Reverse Speed - If you keep him at level 5 it will have a speed stat of 2 which is great for reverse speed matches. On top of that, you see a lot of people playing nonattacking cards as a frontline when it comes to reverse speed. That's where the oppress ability comes in to completely destroy your opponent's tank, hitting for 6 damage at a time.

Lost Magic - If your opponent can't use magic then you can be sure that Gloridax will hold the front line for a long time while still distributing a good amount of damage.

Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem are also good rulesets for the Gloridax to shine with its tanking ability.

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Battle Link
Mana Cap: 26
Ruleset: Spreading Fury & Odd Ones Out

The strategy for this one was quite straightforward. Gloridax at the front to tank, a bunch of sneaky and opportunity attackers to sweep the enemy from the back, and the Goblin shaman as support.
My opponent went for a terrible strategy and some under-leveled cards so I knew this was going to be an easy win.

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Awful first round, I missed his backline twice. The only positive thing was taking out the crustacean king and the tank shields.

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 16.17.14.png

A series of unlucky misses made this match way harder than anticipated but I've got this one in the bag now. Only need to hit twice and my front line it's healthy enough to tank 3 hits.

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 16.20.37.png

Once again luck wasn't on my side but my over-leveled cards were enough to bring this one home. Gloridax played a crucial role in holding the frontline and taking down his tank before fainting.

Diamond III is a stage rank, you find all kinds of players. Sometimes I have to compete versus maxed-out decks with legendary summoners other times I get placed against players with a very restricted range of cards. Hence odd ones out ruleset becomes extremely hard for them since they lack the ability to adapt to restrictive rulesets.

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