SplinterZine – #18 – October 17th – 2021

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Who doesn't like opening chests?

Imagine opening 150 chests... That's right! 150 Season Reward Chests!!!


This is the reality for a Champion 1 league player!

And to show how this emotion is, here is our friend @clove71 who brings us a video of this incredible moment that is opening so many chests.

And it also shows what it's like to battle in the biggest league, which only has professionals in the game.

Are you prepared to follow in his footsteps and one day reach that level?

Splinterlands! 150 Loot Chests Opening & A Dragon Quest!


The demand for POWER in the game has never been greater.

Many are betting on the new CHAOS LEGION collection to increase their POWER to move up the leagues and get better rewards.

So @yoog made a post with a detailed analysis of how much a CHAOS LEGION PACK will power you using mathematical data.

And it answers for you the following questions: Is it better to buy packs, or cards in the market, to get the maximum POWER?

How much Collection Power does a Splinterlands Chaos Legion pack give, on average?


Not sure what to post? or are you in doubt about what content to do on your blog?

How about making a post telling a little of strategy in your battle, and on top of earning money?

Every week @splinterlands launches a battle challenge with a specific monster. And by following certain rules you get the vote from the official account, which is very generous!

Knowing that @alokkumar121 made a post to enter this challenge, and tells us his battle strategy that this week was Dragons.

Splinterlands Battle Share - Dragon Jumper from Dragon Monster


Make money playing! Is it even possible?


Splinterlands is the answer...

And you'll see a brief report that @bhattg did for us on this topic that sometimes leaves many doubts before entering, whether or not it's true or whether the game won't last long.

Never thought I will earn from playing games


We are counting the minutes for this CHAOS LEGION PRE Sale Launch.

To inform the Brazilian community, which is growing a lot in the Splinterlands world, @caaio gathered in his post all the details so that everyone in the Portuguese language will not have any doubts about this new phase that is coming.

Chaos Legion! – Contagem Regressiva! – pt


Thanks for reading and until the next issue of your Splinterlands Magazine!

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Thanks a lot for picking my post , I am grateful to you. I hope that would be helpful to someone.


!giphy thanks

looking over your post I was actually curious if keeping the pack unopened for sps airdrop is better than opening it, what caught my attention was the statement about what the average power is from a pack.

anyways upvoted keep up the good work!

 last month 

I've never been able to keep packs closed, I'm very curious and opening packs is addictive! LOL. Thanks for your support.

It is great to share posts about Splinterlands in your own magazine sort of thing, so others can get an idea of what they could potentially earn at different ranks and proof from other members in case they aren't sure about joining or how to get to earning more etc.

 last month 

Truth! Thanks for reading and commenting!

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.